Translation of higher-up in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈˌhaɪər ˈˌəp/


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    the higher-ups los de arriba informal
    • Jones, for example, seems to feel as if he is overlooked by higher-ups within the organization.
    • If anything, the problem was that we had too little guidance from higher-ups in the organization.
    • But a manager checked with higher-ups and said that wasn't necessary.
    • Do you think those higher-ups should be held accountable and should Law step down?
    • Mostly, though, the committee has improved the way higher-ups communicate with employees.
    • In the end, the Board opted for additional safeguards when an auditor joins a client, including a review of the next-year's audit by a higher-up in the accounting firm.
    • Workplace speculation, often fueled by gaps in information provided by higher-ups, has caused no shortage of trouble in businesses around the world.
    • She believes that higher-ups are attempting to make her the public face of failed leadership.
    • Line-of-business managers may overlook risks or fail to alert higher-ups when they do see them.
    • The paper's higher-ups say no, as you'd expect.
    • He told me the case had again exposed fault-lines of principle between members of the military judicial service and higher-ups in the Pentagon and the White House.
    • Most disturbing of all are his allegations that he repeatedly tried to get higher-ups to follow through and investigate.
    • But no higher-ups beyond the brigade are likely to face criminal prosecution in this case now.
    • At my old job, there were some higher-ups who I don't think even bothered to learn my name until I'd been there a couple of months.
    • There's so many problems to juggle in the first year or two of a TV show, especially when there's a lot of higher-ups to please.
    • She was looking for information, and she was chastised for doing that without getting permission from higher-ups.
    • The municipal corporation has become a gold mine for its corrupt officials, with higher-ups shielding them for obvious reasons.
    • Now it seems clear that higher-ups at the FBI suspected or knew he was a double agent as early as 1991.
    • He agreed that if he could be convinced I wasn't a spy, he'd convince the higher-ups and arrange my release.
    • In the age in which product placement counts as much as sporting prowess, their decision has angered higher-ups.