Translation of highlight in Spanish:


destacar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈhaɪˌlaɪt/ /ˈhʌɪlʌɪt/

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transitive verb highlighted, highlighted

  • 1

    (call attention to)
    (problem/question) destacar
    (problem/question) poner de relieve
    • On September 22, I participated in a conference in Brussels highlighting the issue of asbestos.
    • We want to focus attention on our campaign and highlight the issues which we see as very important.
    • Finally, in the concluding chapter, he highlights theoretical issues that deserve more attention in future research.
    • Unfortunately, this focus on Darfur only highlights the lack of attention being paid to other crises in Africa.
    • The meeting was held down south in a bid to highlight the party's attention to local concerns and raise publicity for its candidates in the area in the year-end elections.
    • The co-hosting of this conference highlights the continuing commitment of the two countries to combat money laundering in the region.
    • The situation with primary and secondary head teachers highlights the issue once again.
    • In my opinion this issue highlights the fact that the whole planning system needs looking at.
    • December is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, highlighting the issues surrounding childhood cancer and making the public more aware of the illness and the support offered by charities like CLIC.
    • The report also highlights the need to establish core quality standards in relation to the provision of long-term residential care.
    • The case again highlights the potential problems of children using the Internet.
    • Our findings highlight the importance of recognizing and addressing the psychological responses to injury.
    • The short campaign has only highlighted the gulf between the political establishment and ordinary people.
    • Her case highlights the plight of thousands of other women.
    • The results of this survey highlight the fact that drug use is not confined to our major cities.
    • The report highlights persisting gender disparities, particularly in juggling the work-family balance.
    • One of the most satisfying aspects of editing the personal finance section has been highlighting problems or injustices, particularly where this has resulted in redress.
    • The following sections highlight some of our findings.
    • This list highlights the more prominent features of depression but it is not all-inclusive.
    • The Government's crime strategy, which has not been published, is understood to highlight the need to target bullying in schools to help combat violent crime.
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    • 2.1Art Photography

      dar realce a
      • Earlier, the new scooter was launched with a spectacular laser show which highlighted the features of the vehicle.
      • The outdoor stage was lit by the luminescence of the lasers highlighting the magnificent Three Kingdoms Pagodas.
      • As the bunker was highlighted by the laser targeting system, Brock took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger.
      • One suggestion being made is that the horse could be highlighted by a permanent spotlight.
      • Accent lighting can add drama by spotlighting objects or highlighting interesting aspects of a house.
      • Amber flashing warning lights will highlight and draw attention to the presence of the safety zone.
      • Some X-rays or CT scans might be taken, and an area on the skin is marked with ink to highlight the area to be treated.
      • She glanced again at the PDC, the fluorescent green screen highlighting her face as she gulped down another swig of the amber glass bottle.

    • 2.2

      to highlight one's hair ponerse / darse reflejos (en el pelo)

    • 2.3(on paper)

      (text) marcar con rotulador
      • I was highlighting sections as I went along and thought I might as well post the bits that I found worthy of the highlighter.
      • Throughout the day's testimony he moved about in his seat, at times shaking his head in disagreement or using neon pink and green markers to highlight the notes he had made.
      • Pulling a beanie over her ears, she began to highlight sections of her book, looking for information that could help with her project.
      • The T + 27 profit/loss plot is highlighted in red.
      • The first four sections, highlighted in blue, are some of the most important.
      • I've highlighted the words that emphasis the mind and intellect.
      • She was devouring it, feverishly flipping pages and then writing things in the margins with a biro or highlighting sentences or whole paragraphs with a yellow highlighter pen.

    • 2.4Computing



  • 1

    (most memorable part)
    lo más destacado
    her performance was the highlight of the evening su actuación fue el plato fuerte de la velada
    • edited highlights of the game un resumen de los momentos más interesantes del partido
    • he said a lot more: I'm just giving you the highlights or (US also) hitting the highlights dijo mucho más, yo solo te estoy contando lo más importante
    • This event is the highlight of the Christmas season at the centre.
    • Reaching the quarter-finals of the Monte Carlo Tennis Masters Series event has been the highlight of his season, so far.
    • But the highlight of the event for the lucky youngsters allowed to stay up will be the fireworks display in the town park at 11 pm on Friday night.
    • A highlight of the event was a flypast by an F3 Tornado piloted by Flight Lieutenant Sally-Ann Cronin of 25 Fighter Squadron.
    • Outdoor screenings of movies from all around the world are always the highlight of this annual event, and really, what could be better?
    • The highlight of this sports event will be when two teams from the local area compete with a team from Mexico and Chile.
    • Mrs Mistry described the event as the highlight of the school calendar and said it is always well attended by parents and pupils alike.
    • This event promises to be one of the social highlights of the Christmas period.
    • One of the highlights of the first period of the show was Bizet's Pearl Fisher's Duet, which was quite superb, given the difficulty of the piece.
    • It's been a great success and we now hope that this will now become an annual event and a highlight in the calendar of summer festivals.
    • I won many tournaments during the early 80s, but my equal first at the 1981 U.S. Open was the highlight for that period.
    • This performance was supposed to be a highlight of the events celebrating 40 years of diplomatic relationships between China and France.
    • This event was probably the highlight of my year, though.
    • Wimbledon is the BBC's showcase tennis tournament, one of the highlights of the British sporting calendar and, for many, the epitome of British summer.
    • Isaak Levitan's paintings are a highlight of the exhibition of Russian landscapes from the age of Tolstoy currently at the National Gallery, London.
    • Among the highlights of the collection are well-known Picasso paintings such as Olga Koklova with Mantilla and Jacqueline Seated.
    • For me, the highlight was meeting people in the industry and finding new artists.
    • They've become the highlight of my day, the phone calls from him.
    • A highlight of this trip is a visit to see the Qin Terracotta Army.
    • One of the many highlights of that trip was a drive to and on the legendary Khyber Pass.
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    • 2.1Art Photography

      toque de luz masculine
      • This forms a striking demonstration of that paradox of oil painting whereby the thickest impasto captures the most fleeting highlights.
      • The highlights on objects in Vermeer's interiors are unlikely to be solar reflections, since it seems probable he would have been painting by north light and they are thus likely to be images of the windows.
      • All are placed in a monochrome field of light or dark and correspondingly given shadows or bright highlights to emphasize contrasts between figure and ground.
      • These brushes add three-dimensional depth and realism to the painting by adding highlights and shadows, which are under tight control by the user.
      • The handling of the paint, with its impasto highlights, has the freeness and immediacy of his earliest work, before he took a more methodical and restrained approach toward brushwork.

    • 2.2highlights plural(in hair)

      reflejos masculine
      claritos masculine River Plate
      rayitos masculine Chile
      luces feminine Mexico
      mechones masculine Colombia
      • Facials, manicures, body massage, electrolysis, not to mention haircuts, highlights and perms are all on offer at a fraction of the price you'd pay at a high street salon.
      • Whether you like a vibrant punch of color like Kelly's or you prefer soft highlights, color-treated hair needs more moisture.
      • She had long, light brown hair with bright reddish-blond highlights.
      • Ask your hairdresser to suggest subtle, temporary highlights.
      • Colorist Giselle placed golden highlights throughout Anna's hair to play up her gorgeous, olive skin tone.