Translation of hike in Spanish:


caminata, n.

Pronunciation /haɪk/ /hʌɪk/

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  • 1

    (long walk)
    caminata feminine
    excursión feminine
    we went on a 20-mile hike hicimos una caminata / una excursión (a pie) de 20 millas
    • it's a bit of a hike to the station hay un buen trecho hasta la estación
    • These include a family of 40 sponsored walks which range from 10 km hikes to shorter strolls, suitable for everyone.
    • Find sightseeing tours that include walking tours and hikes through national parks.
    • Tomorrow is supposed to be either a hike, a walk, or a stroll, depending on hangover levels.
    • When it came to social activities, Ashley organized hikes or walking trips with friends instead of eating out.
    • The Ranch ranks all its hikes by walking speed, so you're bound to find the one that's right for you.
    • On the trip we got in some long walks and hikes in between stretches of driving.
    • There are a number of well-marked trails offering interesting walks ranging from short pleasant strolls to serious full-day hikes.
    • Her invigorating three- and five-mile morning hikes are just right to get the blood flowing.
    • We made the five-mile hike back to our farm, leaving Rachel with her Mama and Papa to take care of her.
    • In the National Parks, there's everything from a five minute walk to overnight treks and 10 day hikes.
    • Put on your walking boots and take the two-hour hike through the forest for lunch at San Fruttuoso, a tiny bay along the coast.
    • We did 2-3 hour hikes on uneven hilly terrain for several weekends beforehand as well as shorter walks most working days.
    • The operation has allowed him to walk again and to join his wife, Bernice, on hikes with the Rochdale Rovers walking club.
    • There are notions, of course, of base camps, hikes through the terrain, and rovers for longer-range expeditions from the landing site.
    • On an inland hike, you'll be crossing extremely jagged limestone terrain - whatever you do, don't trip.
    • Your average Lakeland visitor will at the very least manage a quick hike around Windermere or perhaps a ramble around Grasmere.
    • Are you looking to burn fat with a fast-paced hike on hilly terrain?
    • Elenya simply nodded her head in acknowledgement, and continued her hike across the rocky terrain.
    • Approach slogs vary from muddy hikes to tailgate-to-tailgate perfection, and the vagaries of road closures change access yearly.
    • Just in case, she kept her pace a fine degree between a weary trudge and a brisk hike.
  • 2

    subida feminine
    hike in sth subida de algo
    a price/pay hike una subida de precios/sueldos
    • That means the economy has expanded by 2.7%, but it is all due to inflation, and a hike in the cost of goods and services.
    • The project hit a road block soon after the Assembly elections, when the contractor stopped the work, demanding a hike in the project cost.
    • BDA terminated the contract as the contractor failed to meet deadlines, besides demanding a hike in the estimated cost.
    • The strike's continuation will mean Venezuela's economic collapse and a hike in world oil prices.
    • Amid this confusion, Madhuri will now have to face a hike in costs depending on the industry she is dealing with.
    • Thus, a further hike to 2.5% next March should not be ruled out.
    • They forecast an increase of just 0.25% later this year with a hike or hikes of 0.5% to follow next year.
    • Even as the varsity officials maintain that the fee hike was inevitable, most students see the hike as monumental.
    • At this point I believe the Washington Post would favor tax hikes for the sake of tax hikes.
    • ‘The passage of the resolution showed how unpopular the hikes are,’ he said.
    • Mangat wrote an article against tuition hikes entitled ‘Don't Get Bogged Down’ that appeared on the back page of the newspaper on March 3.
    • The fee hikes will offset a $9.8 million budget shortfall resulting from a decrease in funding from the provincial government, and rising employee costs.
    • After two years of 30 per cent fee hikes, students at SFU are bracing for a 20 to 35 per cent tuition increase this year.
    • As it is, with last year's fare hikes, the average transit user now pays between $250 and $500 more each year to TransLink.
    • Government hikes in VAT and excise duties announced in last December's budget added 2% to the overall inflation rate.
    • Drivers and homeowners face insurance premia hikes of between 15% and 30% next month.
    • But universities and colleges say that fee hikes were necessary to balance their budgets, maintain services, and protect quality of education.
    • The students who are actually facing tuition hikes, however, are left swallowing claims of ‘action’ on their behalf with a grain of salt.
    • The furious debates over power ‘reforms’ have raged mostly around the massive hikes in tariffs that squeeze millions of small farmers.
    • ‘We have far-reaching issues, such as dealing with the CFS and tuition hikes,’ Bradshaw said.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    ir de caminata
    ir de excursión
    • Both couples began to hike retracing the path that the van had traveled.
    • Activities as diverse as gymnastics, football, hiking, and skateboarding provide plenty of opportunities.
    • La Paz Waterfall Gardens offers visitors the choice of four hiking trails that wind around five waterfalls and through a tropical forest.
    • Mountain hiking makes some demands on the body that you may not be used to - and that can lead to problems for the unprepared.
    • Fishing, hiking, and horseback riding are also popular, as are raising pets and taking a variety of evening classes.
    • The resort is centrally located to many wineries and other attractions, such as golf, horseback riding, sport fishing and hiking.
    • Though she could still climb, and even ice climb, hiking became an ordeal.
    • Other people hiking said they saw whales, though it was too foggy by the time we made it to the end of Bodega Head.
    • In addition to weight training and riding motocross, I stay fit by hiking, in-line skating, kayaking and running.
    • Get a final taste of Coeur d' Alene Lake's winter wonders by hiking the Mineral Ridge Trail.
    • Spend at least a half-day each weekend on family activities, such as ice skating, in-line skating, hiking, swimming, or skiing.
    • I also used the Slingshot while roller-blading and hiking.
    • Home to the world's largest dormant volcano, Haleakala, the park offers hiking and horseback riding trails and sweeping views.
    • Paddling across lakes and hiking over mountain passes, the woodsmen traced Gamut and the girls to an Indian village.
    • There are transition areas where you will change from biking to hiking or hiking to paddling.
    • You can also prepare for your favorite summer activities, from hiking to water-skiing.
    • Stutterheim is a place for both water sports and mountain hiking, within 45 minutes from the beach.
    • I've been out every weekend this summer hiking the back country carrying twice this weight.
    • She not only relished traveling, but also enjoyed vigorous, even dangerous, hiking expeditions.
    • On my second visit, it had been warm, and I'd gone hiking in my sports bra.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (prices/wages/taxes) subir
    • As long as ticket prices are not hiked up to support a ridiculous pay structure of players then I am happy.
    • Tax increases hiked the prices of tobacco and some luxury goods.
    • So while hiking the cover price may increase subscription revenue, it may well do so to the overall financial detriment of the paper.
    • He suggests that the way to increase profits is by increasing the volume of goods sold not by hiking the price.
    • Conversely, not enough oil on the global market hikes the price up for consumers.
    • Getting anything in would be extremely difficult and prices would be hiked up accordingly.
    • Zimbabwe shop owners in turn regularly hike their prices beyond the reach of locals, because of the growing demand from Zambia.
    • But right now, as companies hike prices judiciously, most economists are confident that inflation is still under control.
    • Several newspapers and radio stations have vowed to act as watchdogs and shame businesses caught hiking their prices.
    • Maybe investors have been selling their gardener's kidneys and the powerful have hiked the price of Soylent Green through the roof.
    • It boiled down to a remarkably simple scheme: To qualify for more outlier payments, Tenet hiked its prices.
    • Actually, last year I did a little story on roses for Valentines' Day and found out that the price is hiked right up around that time.
    • The company just hiked projected full-year sales to 47,000 units - a number that makes Prius look less like a curiosity.
    • The concern is that rising labor costs could trigger a new round of price pressures, and the Fed could be forced to start hiking rates early next year.
    • Noncompetitive cablers hiked rates 5.8% during the same period.
    • Many investment managers shied away from bonds early in the year, convinced that yields would rise as the Fed hiked short-term rates.
    • With the expectations of Bank of England hiking rates next week the sterling will see some weakening.
    • Some companies have hiked pay rates by more than 25% this year.
    • Yet trying to hike the minimum wage always sparks a monumental battle in Washington.
    • ‘So we thought the fitting response would be to hike the climbing fee,’ an official at the Nepalese Tourism Ministry said.