Traducción de hillbilly en Español:


rústico, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɪlˌbɪli/ /ˈhɪlbɪli/

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nombreplural hillbillies

coloquial, despectivo
  • 1

    rústico masculino
    paleto masculino España coloquial, despectivo
    paleta femenino España coloquial, despectivo
    pajuerano masculino Río de la Plata coloquial, despectivo
    pajuerana femenino Río de la Plata coloquial, despectivo
    hillbilly music música country
    • When we want to go to Appalachia and take photos of the hillbillies, we don't hire Hollywood actors, because that just wouldn't cut it.
    • In fact, hillbillies themselves were the first to capitalize commercially on the hillbilly mystique.
    • It's inspired by old blues, Nashville psycho hillbillies and hazy memories.
    • We're hillbillies, and the rest of the world sees us that way.
    • If it's not civil servants swarming to the west or hillbillies fleeing to the city, then it's hill walkers trampling on private property.
    • Through it all, the culture-savvy walk around in a daze, slackjawed and awkward like hillbillies at a vernissage.
    • These are quality people, not hillbillies to any extent, but St. Louis is a city built for isolation.
    • It sounded like it was recorded by a bunch of hillbillies in a shack.
    • How about some hillbillies, dirty tricks, cavemen and monsters to jazz up the petrol-soaked smogfest?
    • Maybe it's just me, but I don't like watching shows with pregnant hillbillies in them.