Translation of him in Spanish:


lo, pron.

Pronunciation /hɪm/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(as direct object)

      le Spain
      I saw him lo vi
      • call him llámalo
      • Nobody has mentioned him but he's playing well enough to figure and we know he loves it round Augusta.
      • George Ryan's work on the death penalty has brought him mention as a contender for the peace prize.
      • He was very grateful for the meals that had previously been provided for him.
      • Gosh, he must have been angry when the original programmes barely mentioned him.
      • Aberdeen are still on the trail of the culprit and the club has made an appeal for supporters to identify him.
      • The last five minutes have seen him easily the most animated he's been all day.
      • It was typical of him not to mention that his daughter, the lovely Candida, was engaged to one.
      • I remember my grandmother talking about him and mentioning the spelling was wrong.
      • Allegations made against him previously in Lothian and Borders would have shown up.
      • I asked him why and he mentioned that her car hadn't been at her place for a few nights.
      • Police have since been able to identify him, but have not yet released his name.
      • I have heard him mention his son several times in interviews, but not his daughter.
      • My friend recently mentioned charging him some rent, plus his share of the bills.
      • Flying in very high altitudes does weird things to him and can easily lead to an MS relapse.
      • Berg himself is so above it all that even his wife refers to him, at least to the press, only by an honorific.
      • I'm too scared even to mention this to him, for he is sure to say it is impossible.
      • So why go out of your way as an opposition leader to identify yourself with him.
      • I mention to him that in real life, he often says something and then apologises for it.
      • After you do this you can probably convince him more easily that he must consider others.
      • I could talk to him more easily than I could talk to dad, who was very much up on a pedestal.

    • 1.2(as indirect object)

      (with direct object pronoun present) se
      I sent him a card le mandé una tarjeta
      • I sent it to him se la mandé
      • give him the book dale el libro
      • give it to him dáselo

    • 1.3(after preposition)

      near/in front of him cerca/delante de él
      • she's older than him es mayor que él

  • 2

    (emphatic use)
    it's him es él
    • who, him? ¿quién, él?
    • the hat wasn't him el sombrero no lo favorecía
  • 3US informal, dialect

    (for himself)
    he went and got him a wife fue y se buscó una mujer