There are 2 main translations of hippy in Spanish

: hippy1hippy2


hippy, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɪpi/

Definition of hippy in Spanish

nounplural hippies

  • 1

    hippy masculine, feminine
    (cult/gear/era) (before noun) hippy
    • He was on the expressway for hours and no one would stop since he looked like a hippie with long hair and a beard.
    • It wasn't all dirty long-haired hippies with flowers in their hair.
    • Her parents were intellectual hippies who moved in drug circles and her godfather was LSD guru Dr Timothy Leary.
    • People like this are most likely to be drugged up hippies or those annoying little rich kids who think they know best.
    • No, this has nothing to do with a Canadian mountain town populated by drug addicts and hippies.
    • That's why I never really understood hippies, or drugs for that matter.
    • They were hippies who were into Buddhism.
    • Initially he attracted the hippies and the drug addicts who were wandering the Hyde Park.
    • Before there were mods and before flower power or hippies, there were beatniks.
    • You see, his mom and dad are hippies so the drugs and mellowness come easily for him.
    • Or is it because there is a tendency to associate it with peace-loving hippies?
    • Although he, too, looks happy in his photos, Searle sticks out among the long-haired hippies with their fledgling beards.
    • Complex loud clashes of views erupt between the hippies and the tribunal members as both sides are unwilling to compromise.
    • Think back to the late 1960s to early 1970s era of flower children or hippies.
    • Remember that these bands emerged from an era of disco queens and long-haired hippies.
    • He comes across as a hippie who hung up the beads around '72, went to school, got smart, and decided he would change the world.
    • A research lab tends to consist of hippies, and hippies just ask why.
    • In my period you were either a hippie or a skinhead, so I grew my hair long and listened to heavy metal.
    • It gave flower children and hippies the courage to live differently.
    • Many of these young adults are the sons and daughters of the hippies, children of the flower children.

There are 2 main translations of hippy in Spanish

: hippy1hippy2


caderudo, adj.

adjective hippier, hippiest

  • 1

    (with prominent hips)
    caderudo informal
    • He couldn't figure how sensibly clothed, satirical, sarcastic, sassy Jo had come from this hippy woman standing in front of him.
    • I found the fitted top with those jeans made her look too hippy and pear-shaped.