Translation of hiss in Spanish:


silbar, v.

Pronunciation /hɪs/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (snake) silbar
    (person/crowd) silbar
    (person/crowd) sisear
    (cat) bufar
    (machine/steam) silbar
    the audience hissed and booed el público le silbó y abucheó a la obra (or al jugador etc.)
    • The drums bubble and hiss like gas escaped from slashing ginsu blades, building into a delicious bumping middle section.
    • It was hissing, long sharp looking fangs hung out of its gaping mouth.
    • Portable gas rings hissed into life and soon gallons of spring water reached boiling point.
    • Steam and gases hissed from gaps in the cracked stones, and a black chair was positioned on a raised, circular dais.
    • The gas lamp hissed softly when I turned it down: the mantle faded from white to orange, dimming to red before it died.
    • Gas heaters usually hiss when they operate and they usually require a venting system to avoid the buildup of dangerous byproducts.
    • The sound of the water hissing in the Devil's Throat was overwhelming.
    • She was assured that the speakers should not be hissing in surround sound.
    • She took a deep breath that hissed like steam escaping from a kettle and tucked her feet in closer.
    • All of them black as midnight, all of them with beady eyes and sharp claws and the ability to hiss on demand.
    • After about a minute, a single car stopped in front of them, its door hissing open with pneumatic sibilance.
    • The essence of burning rubber filled the air, and the sound of squealing tires hissed.
    • A cat sits curled up in the lap of a little green-haired girl, who hisses at the boy, revealing a sharp pair of fangs.
    • The elven sorcerer tried to grab the feline, but it hissed and swung with its sharp claws.
    • There was steam hissing from a dozen little spouts and a thick green gas hid the floor.
    • The skids hissed, small clouds of gas escaping as it settled to the floor of the landing bay.
    • Everything above the ground seemed to be vibrating, shuddering, clashing, hissing and whistling.
    • The connection hissed and buzzed with static that the computers should have been able to filter out.
    • The kettle began to whistle and hiss on the stove.
    • It was the sound of dry, windblown leaves and loose paper hissing across concrete streets and sidewalks.
    • Emily hissed loudly, gripping Margaret's arm just as she was about to leave.
    • The angels in the hall all hissed slightly, a sound that was half astonished gasp and half restrained fear.
    • True, the house was full, but the audience hissed.
    • At the performance I saw, the audience hissed when his picture appeared.
    • It would be so easy to maneuver around certain obstacles, and you can hiss at people without receiving a weird look.
    • As the faceplate closed partway and he began hissing in my face I am quite sure my screaming changed tone and intensity.
    • Michael hissed, pulling me down to the parquet.
    • Leaning towards me, he indignantly hissed in my ear.
    • I can hiss here, of course; this is the big sloppy Etch-A-Retch for the daily moods.
    • ‘Whatever, just get to the point’, he said hissing at her.
    • ‘Should've eaten breakfast,’ she said hissing through her overactive nostrils.
    • I looked over to the mother to see that she was hissing at me.
    • We are hissing and fussing at the faintest lilt of an accent.
    • He was hissing now, scowling with a hatred and anger at them both.
    • She began hissing and growling this horrible low grumble like something from a Stephen King novel.
    • Then in a fluid motion, she turns around hissing and throws me to the ground.
    • Immediately, she started hissing at the being standing close to me.
    • She opened her mouth to make a sharp retort when he hissed at her, ‘Shut up.’
    • Not realizing it was still sharp, he hissed in pain as it cut him.
    • Reaching over to get the shampoo I hissed as a sharp pain laced through my side.

transitive verb

  • 1

    decir entre dientes
    be quiet, she hissed —cállate —dijo entre dientes
  • 2

    (actor/speaker/play) abuchear
    everybody hissed him todos lo abuchearon / le silbaron
    • When he threw out the traditional scenery and costumes from Verdi's Trovatore, or banned encores, he was hissed by the galleries.
    • Williams was hissed and booed throughout the match.
    • She was hissed and booed by even the uneducated audience.
    • After training as a dancer in Spain she returned to England as Donna Lola Montez, to be hissed off the stage for her immorality.
    • After a long debate in which at one stage Mead was hissed by a section of the meeting, the report was rejected.
    • He will address another question and answer session with activists this week, despite being hissed and slow-hand clapped at a similar event last week.


  • 1

    (of snake) silbido masculine
    (of cat) bufido masculine
    (of steam, machine) silbido masculine
    (of audience) silbido masculine
    • As her hand almost touched the pile, a sharp hiss filled the air, drowning out all other sounds.
    • He pulled it out, and the calm of the whiteness was interrupted by a sharp hiss as he drew his sword.
    • There was a low hiss, and something sharp was suddenly at my neck.
    • Then a sharp hiss crackled from the earpiece: Sahara's voice.
    • The arrow was released from the bowstring with a sharp hiss, and streaked off.
    • Beyond, a sharp hiss of air could be heard as the seal broke and the Howlrunner prepared for flight.
    • She drew in a sharp hiss of breath and glared at Fayd, who was reaching down to grab one of the fallen daggers Claw had dropped.
    • The man fidgeted, trying to get loose, but stopped abruptly with a sharp hiss of pain.
    • He had let out a sharp hiss at the sting, but one look from Abigail instantly silenced him.
    • She pulls herself to her feet, drawing in a sharp hiss of breath as she straightens.
    • The athame traced over the circle, a sharp hiss filling the air as metal struck water.
    • I was seated around a fire with my sisters and other children when suddenly there was a sharp hiss.
    • There was a sharp hiss and my eyes snapped open and were met with a pair of blood red ones.
    • The sharp hiss in his ear brought his attention back to the meeting.
    • Ri stared after him for a moment until the door closed with its sharp hiss, jarring Ri back to reality.
    • The impact was sharp, and a hiss of breath escaped involuntarily.
    • I slowly woke up, a sharp hiss escaping me at how I ached, how everything hurt.
    • After a sharp hiss that might have been a laugh, the man spoke again, this time with somewhat more voice.
    • However, he made out the words Dennier and Earth in the cacophony of clicks and hisses.
    • Dey's rage was as cold as the arrows he used on Gith, and his words were more hiss than sound.
    • His remarks were greeted with hisses and derision.
    • It earned him a scowling hiss of disapproval from Dendria and a punch in the shoulder from Naoise for his comedic troubles.
    • Vincent and Vaughn participated in the school's talent show, to the sounds of boos and hisses from the student audience.
    • The post-match analysts then came on to boos and hisses.
    • Only when he is greeted with boos and hisses does it become clear that the cries of ‘author, author’ are ironic.
    • The response drew boos and hisses from some journalists and several walked out.
    • The audience responded with a cascade of hisses and boos.
    • The hisses and boos from Jasmine and Nell overwhelmed her response.
    • Lots of hisses and boos to the Chancellor for not relenting on that score.
    • Her voice was sincere yet it held a hiss of annoyance.
    • Then with what seemed to be a hiss of disappointment, he slithered away and hid himself.
    • The girls cheered, but the men called out boos and hisses.
    • The Amador bleachers erupted into boos and hisses while Foothills started cheering Quarter on.
    • The fans of that school screamed and shouted over the boos and hisses.
    • Boos and hisses came from the crowds at the sight of No Name's cowardliness.
    • The moment the headmaster said this, there was a loud eruption of boos and hisses.
    • He returned yesterday to a deafening roar of hisses and boos and expletives.
    • Boos and hisses all round because we all know that monopolies are bad because they can charge what they like.
    • But lately the catcalls and hisses are dying down as audiences acquiesce to the reality of in-theater advertising.
    • However he was not expecting to see her eyes open in anger and a sharp hiss to come of the little thing.