Translation of historic in Spanish:


memorable, adj.

Pronunciation /hɪˈstɔrɪk/ /hɪˈstɒrɪk/

Definition of memorable in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(momentous)

      (event/moment) memorable
      an error of historic proportions un error de los que hacen historia
      • There are many pubs and churches and sites of great historic importance.
      • They had greatly enjoyed the trip and it was a historic and important occasion, he said.
      • For 2,532 years these historic sites have held importance in the mind of the Buddhists.
      • It was worth it, as it is one of the most beautiful and important historic Khmer sites in Thailand.
      • Many of Italy's most famous museums and historic sites will in future be run by private companies.
      • Not many places can boast being both a centre of historic importance and outstanding natural beauty.
      • Many demonstrators will don medieval dress to highlight the historic importance of the earmarked site.
      • Roman coins and blue glass beads have been found among the remains of buildings at the Groundwell Ridge historic site.
      • Tourism in Kerala thrives not thanks to any sites of religious or historic significance.
      • It is a truly historic occasion - a moment of passing in the corporate family.
      • Luxor in Egypt is renowned for its great historic sites but now a special school is making its own bit of history.
      • If Beijing can fulfil such targets, it should be a memorable and historic occasion.
      • Many of these important historic racing cars are driven by famous faces from motor sport past and present.
      • The local community is campaigning for a museum to commemorate the district as the historic birthplace of the famous car.
      • Mr Ahern said it was a challenging and important post at a historic point in the union's development.
      • It is important that the historic perspective to the issue be explored openly.
      • Instead, he argued that it was important to win a historic third term.
      • Those buildings have been there since the 18th century and have historic importance.
      • Two of Pembroke Dock's most important historic buildings are being given a major facelift.

    • 1.2(old)

      (house/building) histórico

    • 1.3criticized

  • 2

    (tense) histórico
    the historic present el presente histórico