Translation of history in Spanish:


historia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɪst(ə)ri/

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nounplural histories

  • 1

    • 1.1(march of events)

      historia feminine
      throughout history a lo largo de la historia
      • the lessons of history las lecciones de la historia
      • the history of China/education la historia de la China/de la educación
      • the worst earthquake in history el peor terremoto de la historia
      • one of the biggest events in Wall Street/the country's history uno de los mayores acontecimientos en la historia de Wall Street/del país
      • a place in history un lugar en la historia
      • The series explores the history of evil, what society means by the word evil, where it comes from and what society can do to deal with it.
      • Mash, which became one of the most famous series in the history of television, was originally a novel.
      • The series about the history of speed and the intense rivalry to be the fastest revisits the golden age of the train.
      • This new three-part series charts the history of magic in Britain.
      • This is the second time in the history of the series that the race has gone caution free.
      • The background to this whole debate is the history of colonial and apartheid era land dispossession.
      • In 1984 the Miners Strike, one of the most divisive events in modern British history, took place.
      • It was a remarkable event in modern political history and a first for a Chinese society.
      • The second part deals with wars and international affairs whilst the third deals with economic and social history.
      • And of course the whole history of the Caribbean is really marked by the slave experience.
      • Not the least remarkable fact about this whole episode in British history is how the memory of it has been so successfully erased.
      • In the whole of Tasmanian history, only one trooper was ever killed by Aborigines.
      • By turning your head, you seemed to take in the whole sweep of Irish history, from the Vikings to the plantation.
      • This is the system which has been in place for the whole of motion picture history.
      • They blame Liverpool fans for destroying a whole era in football history and for ending the dominance of English clubs.
      • It has been the most ill fated weekend of the whole Formula One racing history.
      • The whole trend of British history since her accession has been comparatively downbeat.
      • Many terrible things have taken place during the course of European history of which none of today's descendants can be proud.
      • Ryman herself now teaches courses based upon dance history, appreciation and dance notation.
      • Plus, she changed the course of American history by refusing to give up her seat.

    • 1.2(subject)

      historia feminine
      economic/political/military history historia económica/política/militar
      • history of art historia del arte
      • An honest answer is that we do not know; that is why we do history and study current events.
      • The director needs to study social life and history more profoundly and change his course.
      • At this point she started to study constitutional history and law.
      • His downfall begins when he develops a feud with the charismatic history teacher, Mr Eccles.
      • He went to school in Wolverhampton and studied history and modern languages at Queens' College Cambridge.
      • Thus begins Don Quixote, arguably the greatest single work of literature in human history.
      • In this role, he has dedicated himself to the study of history more than to theology as such.
      • Born in Lisbon, he studied history, philosophy, and jurisprudence at the University of Lisbon.
      • He was born in Danzig and studied philosophy and history of art in Berlin.
      • Socialists attempt to study history in order to intervene in our own society and change it for the better.
      • At school, my history teacher always used to say that the reason for studying the past was so that you could help shape a better future.
      • Ayn Rand said she studied history to learn how we got here, and philosophy so we'd know where to go.
      • He studied history at Edinburgh University and worked as a teacher before joining the city's Gateway Theatre.
      • Did anyone ever apply evolutionary niche theory to human history, marrying Great Men to social forces?
      • Upon further inquiries, I was told that humanities combines the study of geography and history.
      • To study history means submitting to chaos and nevertheless retaining faith in order and meaning.
      • There are other groups of Japanese and South Korean experts engaged in joint history studies.
      • I came to York last June to visit my girlfriend, who achieved a 3rd year in history studies there.
      • At 23, he is on the verge of completing a degree in history, politics and social studies.
      • Gopal took to biographical studies within the parameters of political and social history.

    • 1.3(book, account)

      historia feminine
      Shakespeare's Histories dramas históricos de Shakespeare
      • Local lighthouse enthusiasts could give public accounts of the history and future of their local light.
      • It's important to recount the history of that story and the lessons Howard learned.
      • It is the highest recorded circulation in the history of the newspaper.
      • The most illustrious record labels in the history of jazz have caught on to the fact that in the long run they are better off sticking together.
      • The implications of that are hugely important in the history of religion.
      • I think it may be the most important election in the history of the Second Amendment.
      • This afternoon in Indianapolis is, by common consent, one of the most important in the history of Formula One.
      • This was the most important week in the history of the new Conservative Party which she helped create.
      • She should be a bit more familiar with the history of the institution in which she works.
      • In fact the prosecution was dropped; it was a landmark decision in the history of public gambling.
      • It was arguably the most important game in the history of Woman's hockey at this school.
      • It was a historic day for the army but also an important day in the history of Irish military service.
      • You can probably find the detail if you look up the history of their public announcements.
      • Never in the history of public welfare has so much been coordinated by so many for so few who spot the difference.
      • The agreement brought to an end the longest recorded session in the history of the Upper House.
      • Since the eclipse of the Commons' school of labor historiography in the 1960's, institutional histories of labor unions have become relatively rare.
      • They saw the history of the two institutions as intertwined with that of the U.S.

  • 2

    (record, background)
    historial masculine
    personal/family history historial personal/familiar
    • there's a history of madness in that family ha habido casos de demencia en esa familia
    • he has a history of heart trouble ha tenido problemas cardíacos en el pasado
    • Perhaps he was just losing his marbles; there was a history of insanity in his family.
    • They say the health implications can be particularly serious if there is a family history of high blood pressure.
    • Mesereau said he was the victim of a trap set by a family with a history of milking celebrities.
    • People at risk of diabetes included those with a family history of the condition and people who are overweight.
    • My family has a history of cholesterol problems, and my GP has warned me to watch my cholesterol levels.
    • Pat, a father of six from Westport Co Mayo, came from a family with a history of heart problems.
    • Men who have a family history of prostate cancer are at higher risk and are more likely to be in the few whose lives are saved.
    • The doctor also stressed the need for cancer screening by people whose family has a history of cancer.
    • One clinic has already been given the right to use sex selection to prevent autism in families with a history of the condition.
    • A family history of heart disease is more common in women with coronary disease than men.
    • An easier way maybe would be to focus on screening people who have a family history of heart disease.
    • At first it was thought he might be suffering from tuberculosis because there was a family history of the disease.
    • By way of contrast, Guillermo Kuitca draws on a family history of displacement and diaspora.
    • Some cases have a family history of melanoma, suggesting a genetic contribution.
    • We also suspect there is a genetic contribution, from a family history of the disease.
    • I see lots of patients who have family histories of early heart disease, like she does.
    • Another group of people who are at a higher risk are those with family histories of aneurysms.
    • They are more common in females and are associated with a history of chronic cystitis.
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    (browser record)
    historial masculine