Translation of hitter in Spanish:


bateador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɪdər/ /ˈhɪtə/


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    (in baseball) bateador masculine
    (in baseball) bateadora feminine
    (in baseball) toletero masculine Latin America
    (in baseball) toletera feminine Latin America
    (in US football) liniero masculine
    (in US football) liniera feminine
    he's just a hitter, he's got no finesse pega duro, pero no tiene estilo
    • "I faced more right-handed hitters today, so I threw more curveballs," Park said.
    • He was one of the greatest right-handed hitters of all time.
    • Cleveland hitters swung at and missed five of the 79 pitches.
    • He's never tried very hard to fool hitters or set them up; he simply dared them to hit his cutter.
    • His sharp-breaking curveball fooled hitters in early batting practice sessions.
    • Instead of trying to overpower hitters, he throws hittable balls and lets his team's defense do the work.
    • The hard-throwing Weaver has a knack for challenging left-handed hitters in a manner that reminds me of a young Frank Tanana.
    • He wants his pitchers to be willing to challenge hitters and believes they'll build confidence when they find they can get major league hitters out.
    • The team acquired two superstar hitters during the off-season.
    • The number of runs scored by a home run doesn't depend on the hitter, but on how many runners are already on base.