Translation of hoarse in Spanish:


ronco, adj.

Pronunciation /hɔrs/ /hɔːs/

Definition of ronco in Spanish

adjective hoarser, hoarsest

  • 1

    (voice/cry) ronco
    you sound a bit hoarse estás algo ronco
    • they shouted themselves hoarse gritaron hasta enronquecer
    • Ear, nose and throat clinics have been taking patients every day complaining of hoarse voices and throat pains.
    • My voice is hoarse and croaky, my hands hurt and I'm still shaking!
    • Bloom's voice was too hoarse for the scream and the words left his throat in a painful screech.
    • Speaking at an abnormal or uncomfortable pitch can lead to hoarse voice.
    • A hoarse voice is the first complaint of a person with a problem in the voice box.
    • If your hoarse voice does not recover after two weeks then seek medical attention.
    • Arhen yelped, but his hoarse voice prevented him from saying anything above a whisper.
    • Angela's voice was hoarse, and barely about a whisper as she reached out her hand to us.
    • As she recognized the hoarse voice, a new sort of terror now gripped her heart.
    • Mary placed the muzzle against his forehead and when she spoke, her voice was hoarse and sounded strangely foreign to herself.
    • My hands flung behind my back and I leapt backward as the deep, hoarse voice spoke.
    • His voice was hoarse and his neck hurt as he tried to look over at his father.
    • His aged voice was hoarse, slow and soothing, a fatherly sound that Alsonte found foreign.
    • Kari recognized that it was her father's hoarse voice from the left side of the room.
    • Lari's voice was hoarse and weak, like she had been sleeping for a week.
    • Mrs. Leander went on in her hoarse voice, one that tells of her motherhood.
    • Her voice was hoarse and she was very weak, for she could barely lift her arms to hug me.
    • He didn't speak for a while, and when he did, his voice was somewhat hoarse.
    • He had shouted out the window until his voice had gone hoarse, which hadn't taken long.
    • I battle against the crying of babies and the shouts of toddlers and end up screaming and shouting myself hoarse.