Translation of hobby in Spanish:


hobby, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑbi/ /ˈhɒbi/

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nounplural hobbies

  • 1

    hobby masculine
    pasatiempo masculine
    afición feminine
    she took up woodwork as a hobby empezó a hacer carpintería como hobby
    • This might be an opportune time to explore or return to hobbies, leisure activities or career pursuits.
    • Take a course or find an activity or hobby that brings you pleasure and allows you to meet people.
    • However, out of all her many hobbies and activities, Philippa's greatest love was gardening.
    • Your mood will likely improve when you begin a hobby or recreational activity.
    • It asked questions about hobbies, activities and the sorts of people I preferred, as well as vocational interests.
    • Even if you don't make money from it, making it part of your leisure time as a hobby will add joy and fun to what you already do.
    • Well, does she have a hobby or activity that she could spend more time on?
    • Focus on something that gives you pleasure - a hobby, a good book, or your favorite music.
    • Whether gradual or complete, retirement is improved by hobbies, activities, clubs, social causes, and volunteering.
    • His hobbies include sporting activities, books, music and foreign languages.
    • Help them find activities and hobbies they enjoy doing and are good at.
    • Spend time with your child and participate in his or her favorite activities or hobbies.
    • He has many other hobbies including reading and swimming.
    • To launch oneself on the hobby of birdwatching, it is necessary to have a good pair of binoculars.
    • Also, it left him more time for his hobby of stamp collecting, which he had started during his school years.
    • She reads a lot and one of her favourite hobbies is gardening.
    • She had many hobbies including gardening, knitting, reading and she always had time to chat to her neighbours.
    • She gets a lot of time to indulge in her hobbies like gardening and reading, goes for walk and takes part in many other activities.
    • He became friendly with many people who had similar interests and whose love for ponies and horses was a shared hobby and way of life.
    • He counts horseback riding among his hobbies and has been known to ride up to 30 km in a single morning.