Translation of hobbyhorse in Spanish:


caballito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑbiˌhɔrs/ /ˈhɒbɪhɔːs/

Definition of caballito in Spanish


  • 1

    (palo con cabeza de caballo) caballito masculine
  • 2

    (favorite topic, obsession)
    caballo de batalla masculine
    monotema masculine
    she's (off) on her hobbyhorse again ya empieza otra vez con la misma cantinela informal
    • Warning the government to be prudent, and to remain prudent, may sound like my favourite hobby horse, - and it is, but there are sound reasons why I always carry on about not overshooting the main budget.
    • It deals with one of my favourite hobby horses, Complexity Theory.
    • The other omitted item, and I admit this is a bit of a personal hobby horse of mine, is that there is no mention of the Little Ice Age, though consequences for it abounding in these pages.
    • ‘The whole business of communicating with families from sea has been a hobby horse of mine for a number of years, and we had fallen quite a long way behind people's expectation,’ he said.
    • Yes, it's my old hobby horse - the Quality of Life.
    • Indeed, when the leak story broke, he got right back on his favorite hobby horse and began railing against unauthorized leaks as if this never happened.
    • A lot of green organisations have adopted recycling as their hobby horse despite the fact that many people have suggested that recycling involves a lot of energy to effect.
    • And you asked about collaboration among researchers; that's actually a hobby horse of yours, isn't it?
    • For those who don't know me, free speech is my biggest hobby horse.
    • One of my little hobby horses is American cultural imperialism.
    • It is a focus on the young which has been a very strong hobby horse of mine for my entire career.
    • This brings me back to my old hobby horse and the stupid traffic system inflicted on the residents of Spelthorne.