Translation of hobnail in Spanish:


tachuela, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑbneɪl/ /ˈhɒbneɪl/

Definition of tachuela in Spanish


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    tachuela feminine
    • When Douglas Hadow's boots were examined, it was found that the hobnails on their soles were worn almost smooth.
    • Adults had hobnailed shoes, but hobnails were not found with children so they were bare-foot or wore un-nailed shoes.
    • Of the other material categories, footwear is as likely to be absent as present - although without hobnails and suitable conditions for preservation, we cannot be certain about frequency.
    • Leather shoes lasted no time at all without hobnails, and conversely, floors, whether of stone or wood, lasted no time at all without matting of some sort.
    • A block away we hear the rumble of hobnails on cobblestone.