Translation of hockey stick in Spanish:

hockey stick

palo de hockey, n.


  • 1

    palo de hockey masculine
    stick de hockey masculine
    • There is more to Bascombe than her accomplishments with a hockey stick.
    • Each team member put their signature on a hockey stick, which will be put on display in the Hall of Fame.
    • Another time, unhappy with one of his players, he chased him with a hockey stick.
    • Since picking up that hockey stick six years ago, Charlotte has sampled her fair share of success.
    • Dozens of York primary school children have taken part in their first hockey tournament - eight weeks after picking up a hockey stick for the first time.
    • After handing out the new hockey sticks, they divided the boys into two teams and led them in a spontaneous hockey duel.
    • A mini hockey stick as a memento of the season was given to players.
    • You'll find Lindsay schmoozing with the players about everything from hockey sticks to hotel room beds.
    • Perhaps the benefits of wooden ice hockey sticks are predominantly psychological, based on the familiarity factor.
    • Most hockey sticks are made of either wood or a graphite composite shaft with a wooden blade inserted into the end.