Hay 2 traducciones principales de hold en Español

: hold1hold2


Pronunciación /hoʊld/ /həʊld/

Ver definición en Español de agarrar

verbo transitivo held, held

  • 1

    • 1.1(clasp)

      hold it with both hands sujétalo con las dos manos
      • she was holding a newspaper tenía un periódico en la mano
      • hold my hand to cross the road dame la mano para cruzar la calle
      • he was holding her hand la tenía agarrada de la mano
      • they walked holding hands caminaban tomados / agarrados de la mano
      • he held her in his arms la abrazó
      • hold me tight abrázame fuerte
      • In the afternoon a banner proclaiming his victory is unrolled and held by supporters.
      • Elizabeth looked up to see an adorable girl of about seven holding a small blue ball.
      • They both gathered in the dining room, where Hilkin was standing, holding a large brown bag.
      • As he walked towards Pierre a man came from the back holding a huge old leather-bound book.
      • Alex tries to get out of his grasp but that just causes him to hold her even tighter.
      • She looked behind her to see Jeff holding one of the automatics.
      • When he had to enter the lift the next day, he held on tight to his mother's hand.
      • His head's still swimming so he holds on tight to her waist so he doesn't fall.
      • He was holding on so tight I was sure I'd have a bruise on my arm soon.
      • I grabbed her in a hug, wrapping my arms around her and holding on tight.
      • The men held tightly onto my arms, I tried to struggle.
      • Two of them were holding her by the arms while another said she didn't have to say anything.
      • An older man with white hair followed her, holding a black medical bag in his hand.
      • He ran off with the bag down Anerley Road - but he missed Mrs Young's purse, which she was holding in her hand throughout the robbery.
      • It was the first time he was able to hold his new baby son Joshua.
      • Adrienne's eyes widen and she struggles not to spill the drink she is holding.
      • Ryan held his mother's hand as he watched her chest rise and fall.
      • A small group of supporters gathered outside the hospital holding bouquets of flowers.
      • Her knees were wobbling as she held onto the back of my chair for support.
      • Lexie, hold on to my hand, okay?
      • She stopped a Japanese guy who was holding a cup of coffee and didn't seem in as much of a rush as the rest of the people there.

    • 1.2Automóviles

      adherirse a
      vehicles which hold the road well vehículos de buen agarre / que se agarran bien a la carretera
      • The car holds the road very, very well at whatever speed I put it to, and I got her up to 110 to 115.
      • Certainly the car holds the road well and steers nicely and positively, whether on rural rides or slamming it down the motorway.
      • The Cooper S holds the road well and although the ride can be a little stiff at times, that's only to be expected with something this sporty.
      • Today's Signa and Vectra hold the road with an accuracy and tenacity alien to their ancestors, making them good fun to drive.
      • As I've noted before, the Primera is extremely surefooted and I've now discovered that it holds the road well in ice and snow.
      • It was a good driving experience, though; it held the road well and the steering felt smooth.
      • I felt safe going around the corners because it held the road quite well.

  • 2

    • 2.1(support, bear)

      that rope is too thin to hold me esa cuerda es demasiado delgada para sostenerme / aguantarme
      • to hold oneself erect mantenerse erguido
      • She toke a deep breath and licked her lips before she stood up again and as if by a miracle, her legs were able to hold her weight.
      • I picked a random room and walked in, not being able to hold Corbin's weight long enough to find his room.
      • Several pieces of wood joined together can hold more weight than just a piece of wood.
      • The rope snapped at his wrists as it burned into him, holding all his weight.
      • Metal buildings are usually engineered to hold only the weight of the standing seam metal.
      • Makala leaned on him and let him hold most of her weight as he led her upstairs to his apartment.
      • The railing wasn't meant to hold that much weight, so it collapsed backwards.
      • The lock has a heavy-duty level strength rating, meaning it holds more weight.

    • 2.2(have room for)

      the jug will hold two liters la jarra tiene una capacidad de dos litros
      • the stadium holds 20,000 people el estadio tiene capacidad / cabida para 20.000 personas
      • will it hold another one? ¿cabe otro más?
      • My lungs feel like they have suddenly compressed and aren't big enough to hold an adequate amount of oxygen.
      • DVDs are capable of holding 7 times the amount of space compared to your typical CD.
      • He pulled his gym bag from under his bed, thinking that it would be big enough to hold everything for the next two days.
      • Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan big enough to hold everything, including the pears.
      • Reservoirs could be designed to hold large amounts of water, and make it available during times of severe drought.
      • Handwoven out of natural straw, the basket is large enough to hold everything for a daily outing.
      • He wanted to find out which glass would hold the most amount of milk.
      • The large function room holds up to 200 people and the big screen also features the latest sporting events.
      • If my car holds 20 gallons of gas and I put only 10 gallons in it, I can only go half as far.
      • Parking at the auction centre is free, and there is a car park fronting the road which holds 650 cars.
      • Available in 12 or 24V versions for small and larger commercial vehicle applications, it holds 4.5 litres of water.
      • The average cruise ship holds about 2,000 passengers.
      • In the rescue call we were told the ship was holding 80 people plus.
      • The aircraft can hold more than 400, and the crew was worried they might not have a job when they got home.
      • Padraig is holding his own Golf Show in a specially constructed arena that will hold an audience of 1500.
      • We are talking about building a venue to hold 80,000 for a sport that is capable of filling it for one month this century.
      • Each container is able to hold a large amount of plastic garbage bags.
      • These dams built on the rivers will be able to hold the entire amount of water during a weak monsoon.
      • In a room that holds 3,000, there were people crammed into every available space.
      • The city has more than 15,000 rooms available and its largest meeting room holds 10,000 delegates.
      • He was in a tiny office that could barely hold the three desks crammed inside.

    • 2.3(contain)

      this report holds the answers to your all questions este informe contiene las respuestas a todas sus preguntas
      • to hold one's liquor ser de buen beber
      • to hold one's drink ser de buen beber

    • 2.4(have in store)

      who knows what the future holds quién sabe qué nos deparará el futuro
      • the prospect holds no fear for me la perspectiva no me asusta
      • Whatever the future holds this has certainly opened the eyes of governments around the globe.
      • Once more the computer was produced to show me what the future held, based on a range of percentage growth projections.
      • Of course, like anything in the future, this holds terrifying possibilities.
      • Towards the end of the book he looks at what the future holds, based on programmes that have been funded and are about to start.
      • The future of nursing holds a myriad of challenges.
      • But for Pauline every working day holds fears of another attack, after armed robbers targeted the business for the fourth time in seven months.
      • While this ‘brave new world’ represents great challenges, it also holds the promise of great rewards.
      • Language thus holds the key to challenging and changing male hegemony.
      • It is the present and the future which hold much more interest.
      • Nevertheless, this biography of Theodore Swann holds something of interest for everyone.
      • We live in interesting times, which hold some of the greatest challenges the human race as a whole will have ever faced.
      • What lessons do you think this holds for modern day musicians who have easy access to far superior equipment?
      • For fans of acoustic blues, the concert calendar hasn't held this much promise in years.
      • I personally am looking forward to staying there as it holds a very special place in my heart.
      • Readers will spend more time with what is important to them and less time with information that holds little or no value for them.
      • They know the extreme importance exchange rate stability holds for future inflationary movements.
      • When all you could remember was captivity, freedom didn't hold that much appeal.
      • A verbal agreement can hold more weight than, or even entirely supercede, a written one.
      • This idea that freedom holds as much in the way of unhappiness as totalitarianism harks back to the existential writers who influenced Brink when he studied at the Sorbonne in the 1950s.
      • This theory holds even more truth today because with the amount of mixed and confusing messages regarding health and fitness, most consumers are confused.

  • 3

    • 3.1(keep in position)

      hold the ladder for me sujétame / sosténme la escalera
      • I held the stake while she hammered it in yo sujeté la estaca mientras ella la clavaba
      • raise your legs off the floor and hold them there levanta las piernas del suelo y manténlas levantadas
      • A woman claimed she felt herself being held down as she came round from an operation.
      • He sniffed haughtily, holding open the door for them and watching as they shuffled past.
      • The security men were holding back the crowd to let the shaken minister and the officials get into a waiting car.
      • Firefighters from Leigh, Hadleigh and Southend were held back by the intense heat and smoke as they tried to battle the blaze.
      • This often involves several members of staff holding the pupil down in a restrictive position.
      • Women are held down by the expectations of society.
      • They looked over my shoulder, and when I turned round I saw a security guard holding this guy down by lying on top of him.
      • To check proper adjustment hold the trigger back with the grip safety released and work the hammer back and forth.
      • I wore a mid length suede skirt, a long oversized cardigan, some comfy shoes and my hair was held back with the aid of an Alice band.
      • A crowd of up to 200 protesters were held back by troops who used screens and riot shields to form a pathway for the terrified youngsters and their parents.
      • He held the rag over her noise and mouth until she slumped over in his arms.
      • I took a stick of red wax and held it over the fire of a burning candle until it was so hot that it dripped.
      • Before the advent of modern fastenings, clothes were held together with brooches, or with belts and straps like this one.
      • As she passed our row, I noticed that her spectacles were held together by generous amounts of sticky tape.
      • The official holds up each vote for the crowd to see, and is greeted with cheers or boos from the good natured crowd.
      • In flight, they hold their wings up in a slight ‘V’ position.
      • When you walk, stay tall with your head and shoulders back; and hold your head up just slightly.
      • Smart cards can be programmed so building occupants simply hold a card up to the reader.
      • Weakly she attempted to hold herself upright by clutching at the rough bricks.
      • But he put his arms around me in an embrace, then held me away to look at me.

    • 3.2(maintain, keep constant)

      can gold hold its present value for much longer? ¿el oro podrá mantener su valor actual mucho más tiempo?
      • she held the lead throughout the race se mantuvo a la cabeza durante toda la carrera
      • if Labour holds these seats si los laboristas retienen estos escaños
      • hold the line, please no cuelgue, por favor
      • the note is held over four bars la nota se sostiene durante cuatro compases
      • Rather than cutting spending, it should be held at current levels to create stability in the system.
      • It has been held at that level for the whole time this Government has been in office.
      • The decision was widely expected by analysts and borrowing costs have now been held at their current levels since the start of June.
      • The change has helped hold down inflation levels even as it promotes global growth.
      • He said he expects to hold this higher level of spending through next year.
      • Cheeses age at different rates and must be held at constant temperatures to achieve their optimum flavour.
      • While holding the increase in overall spending to less than 4 percent, the budget proposes increases in several areas.
      • The unemployment rate held at 5.6 percent and more job-seekers left the work force.
      • On Wall Street the major averages held steady throughout the day.
      • Markets outside the US such as Asia where exporters quote in dollars will also offer greater opportunities, if the dollar holds at current levels, he said.

    • 3.3(engage)

      (attention/interest) mantener
      her performance held the audience spellbound su actuación mantuvo al público embelesado
      • While not quite worthy of some of the hype it received last year, Monster's Ball is an interesting film that certainly holds your attention.
      • She moved closer to the window to see what had been interesting enough to hold Amber's attention.
      • Ailsa glanced at it again, then decided it wasn't interesting enough to hold her attention.
      • Attracting a crowd and holding its attention is something old media companies could do because they had a distribution stranglehold.
      • She can transform the most boring plot into an interesting and informative story, which can hold the attention of any child.
      • Newspapers, magazines, television and computers all fight to attract and hold our attention.
      • The spark had gone out of him and what he used to find amusing held no interest for him any longer.
      • Nothing seems to really hold my interest long enough to make me pay enough attention to it.
      • You have an ability to concentrate and work intently on anything which holds your interest.
      • Even the election isn't fully holding my interest, and Heaven knows if ever there was an interesting election, this one is it.
      • It was a highly entertaining and competitive match that held the attention of all to the very end.
      • Adverts on the Internet must attract and hold attention, and quickly communicate a positive benefit for the brand.
      • The result is a flawed but intriguing film that succeeds in holding your attention with a number of fine set pieces and some gleefully relaxed performances.
      • Their curiosity is endless and finding something to do which is engrossing enough to hold their attention for a while is difficult.
      • There is enough diversity among the songs to hold one's interest but not so much fluctuation that the relaxed mood is disrupted.
      • After that, though, there wasn't much to hold their interest, and they both sank into a doze.
      • Sure, we noticed that the election campaign had begun, but it failed to hold our interest for long.
      • It's a strong, surprising show that holds everyone's interest and makes us forget the penetrating chill of the building.
      • Reilly's story, one of loyalty, brotherhood, and dogged determination, captures and holds the reader's attention.
      • The menu itself is interesting enough to hold's one attention for several minutes.

  • 4

    • 4.1(keep)

      (tickets/room) reservar
      (tickets/room) guardar
      I will hold the money until … yo me quedaré con el dinero hasta …
      • hold the letter until I tell you no despache la carta hasta que yo le diga
      • she asked her secretary to hold all her calls le dijo a su secretaria que no le pasara ninguna llamada
      • Much of the money was being held in reserve to help pay for a new sports hall.
      • Mr Cunliffe said the news had come too late for this year's budget process and the money would go into the general fund to be held in reserve.
      • Of the nineteen planes, five would be held in reserve during the attacks.
      • Mr Fellows said that the office's mail had been held by the Post Office over Christmas and delivered on Monday.
      • Five years later she is worth £15 million - money that is held in a trust until she is 21.
      • I asked one of the salespeople to hold it for me, and then I went back later and bought it.
      • Under the new commitments, airlines will also have to help customers locate the cheapest fares and hold reservations for 24 hours so that prices can be compared.

    • 4.2(detain, imprison)

      she is being held at the police station for questioning está detenida en la comisaría para ser interrogada
      • the wing where terrorists are held el ala donde tienen recluidos a los terroristas
      • he was held prisoner in his own home lo tuvieron preso en su propia casa
      • Police say he held the woman at gunpoint for about an hour.
      • We were held in a police cell for a week, and some of us were suspended from our jobs.
      • The government changed the law at the beginning of last year to allow the police to hold people for 14 days rather than seven.
      • One of the men tried to hijack a car, but the woman driver managed to raise the alarm and the man was held until police arrived to arrest him.
      • Some of those detained are reportedly being held in solitary confinement.
      • He was held in prison for over a year.
      • Police said although the man was unharmed he was held hostage for between three and four hours.
      • I was held in a cell with 20 other prisoners with no room to manoeuvre.
      • A second man being held in custody was released without charge, Lancashire Police said.
      • He held her prisoner for more than five hours while police surrounded her home.
      • He has been detained by immigration authorities, who can hold him for 48 hours while determining his status.
      • No explanation was given as to why the man was detained or the conditions under which he was held.
      • He was held in custody overnight, and was being questioned by police yesterday.
      • A police officer was given a national police bravery award for tackling a gunman who was holding his children hostage.
      • In 1967 he was shot down and he was held as a prisoner-of-war in Hanoi for five-and-a-half years.
      • She was held first in a prison, then transferred to house arrest in September last year.
      • We pass under the Bridge of Sighs, which leads into the old prisons where Casanova was once held captive.
      • But the son, who was riding in a separate car, was held hostage at the embassy in Bangkok.
      • Hundreds of political prisoners arrested in previous years continue to be held without trial.
      • Military hearings are under way at the camp to ascertain whether detainees should continue to be held.

    • 4.3(restrain)

      once she decides to do something, there's no holding her una vez que decide hacer algo, no hay nada que la detenga
      • they were held to a draw solo consiguieron un empate
      • It was certainly not the kind of news for which editors hold the front page.
      • ‘Hold your fire until I say otherwise,’ he ordered.
      • Most experts also thought the Bank would hold its fire for fear of giving fresh impetus to house price rises or high consumer debt levels.
      • The pilot was under orders to hold fire, a fellow airman testified yesterday.
      • Analysts expect the company to hold fire on any further price rises.

    • 4.4(control)

      the rebels already held several towns los rebeldes ya ocupaban / habían tomado varias ciudades
      • the conservatives have always held the country areas los conservadores siempre han ganado en las zonas rurales
      • Only the original rebel group which holds the northern half of Ivory Coast is, so far, in talks with the government.
      • Rebels hold the north and loyalist forces the south of what was considered a haven of peace and prosperity until a 1999 coup.
      • Thousands of others remain trapped in the northern hills held by the rebels.
      • Even if the party holds on to the government, the position of the president and his government would be weakened.
      • Six-time defending champ Lance Armstrong held on to the overall lead, cruising to a safe finish in the fifth stage of the Tour de France.
      • St Kieran's Jim O'Donovan who played superbly in the second half, holds on to his place at midfield with Niall Moran the player to lose out.
      • The Federal Opposition Leader says her work in the community will ensure she holds on to the seat of Ballarat.
      • She achieved her best time for the marathon of 2hrs 55 mins in London nine years ago and still holds the Rochdale 20 course record.
      • The USA continues to defy the odds by holding on to their slender lead in their Chess Summit match against China.
      • The citizens of Prague rose in revolt against the occupying German forces on 5 May 1945 and held the city until the Russian Army arrived four days later.
      • This may be the key to why Labour is likely to hold Shipley but lose Finchley to the Tories.
      • He also holds the England goalscoring record, getting 49 goals in 106 games.
      • Commanders and their staff sometimes made lethal errors and engaged positions their own men held.
      • Doona struck the first of his two goals ten minutes into the first half, a lead which they held at the break.
      • While the party suffered yet another crushing defeat, he was able to hold a safe Labor seat.

  • 5

    • 5.1(have)

      (passport/ticket/permit) tener
      (passport/ticket/permit) estar en posesión de formal
      (degree/shares/property) tener
      (record) ostentar
      (record) tener
      (post/position) tener
      (post/position) ocupar
      my lawyer holds the deeds mi abogado tiene la escritura
      • he holds the view that … sostiene que / mantiene que …
      • He holds Bank of Ireland shares worth almost €4m.
      • Millions of former Abbey shareholders now hold Banco Santander shares.
      • However, these are high-risk trusts and the shares must be held for five years.
      • Fuel costs have added to concerns, but there are indications that the worst may be over for investors holding Ryanair shares.
      • The shares must be held for five years in order to avoid any withdrawal of the tax relief granted.
      • Personally, I like the idea of holding a few expensive shares within a balanced portfolio.
      • Glaxo holds the largest share of the worldwide pharmaceuticals market.
      • Each director shall hold one voting share in the company.
      • They will probably emerge holding a far greater share of the market, with two or three undisputed leaders in most sectors.
      • We were shown a written statement from one ex - member who remains terrified by the information the Church holds on him.
      • The Metcalfe Society, founded 25 years ago, claims to be the biggest one-name organisation in the world in terms of the data it holds on descendants and with 1,500 past and present members.
      • It should enable each citizen to see the contact data that government holds on him or her, and to know which public sector organisations have access to their contact data.
      • The CVA needs to win support from creditors holding at least 75 per cent of the total debt when it is voted upon.
      • An increased cash bid may win the support of KPN, the Dutch telco that holds a 21% stake in Eircom.
      • The defendants have paid settlement funds to Mr. Mann and they continue to be held in trust.
      • He of course holds an All Ireland winner's medal from 1978.
      • Huawei has been gradually accumulating its stake in Sunday since last year and now holds a 7.11 per cent interest.
      • Baker holds a significant financial interest in the company.
      • She holds a B.A. in music education from Greenville College and an M.A. in religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
      • Riders charged with driving offences can be fined and receive points on their driving licence even if they are not old enough to hold one.

    • 5.2

      (consider) considerar
      (maintain) sostener
      (maintain) mantener
      this is held to be the case se considera que es así
      • Kant held that … Kant sostenía / mantenía que …
      • to hold sb in high esteem tener a algn en mucha / gran estima
      • to hold sb responsible for sth responsabilizar a algn de algo
      • Only 24 hours later, few within the party itself could pretend to hold such an optimistic opinion on the future of their leader.
      • Lavoisier's belief reveals that he still held a somewhat traditional view of elements.
      • It is a subject on which Evangelicals hold differing opinions.
      • Unfortunately, all too many parents and coaches hold the same view about youth soccer.
      • The findings of the survey challenge the belief held by many teachers that parents are behind a child's bad behaviour.
      • What we get from him is an attack on anyone who holds views that are different to his.
      • The values we hold have made us good neighbors for centuries, and they will keep us as strong allies and good friends for the centuries to come.
      • My observations are that unethical, immoral college students tend to hold those same personal values for most of their lives.
      • You may or may not hold these as values, but that is beside the point.
      • Further along still there is a no-compromise position which holds that in every sphere of business activity, human rights are binding and should be observed.
      • I also hold that the conditions under which animals are kept and hunted are morally wrong.
      • That theory holds that the universe was created 10 to 20 billion years ago when a cosmic explosion hurled matter in all directions.
      • One theory holds that depressed mothers are less able to plan activities for their children; another that they have a hard time interacting with their kids.
      • I did not believe in God, in Jesus, in any doctrine the church holds to be true.
      • It is just that their school places an emphasis on what it holds to be important subjects, hires good teachers and instils the necessary ambition in pupils.
      • It's a view the parish council holds to this day - and one with which the Highways Agency agreed.
      • His analysis holds that nurses have the greatest knowledge and least authority when it comes to patient care.
      • Ceasing to express a political opinion doesn't mean you stop holding it.
      • But I also hold the very strong view that republicans need to lead by example.

    • 5.3(conduct)

      (meeting/elections) celebrar
      (meeting/elections) llevar a cabo
      (meeting/elections) hacer
      (demonstration) hacer
      (party) dar
      it's impossible to hold a serious conversation with him es imposible mantener una conversación seria con él
      • interviews will be held in London las entrevistas tendrán lugar en Londres
      • Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust holds its annual general meeting tonight.
      • The meeting will be held at St John's and St Mark's Church Hall in Parkinson Street at 7pm.
      • The official opening was held on Monday night last and a full report will be carried in our next issue.
      • Employees of the state-owned Timber Corporation and their families held a protest over jobs on Thursday.
      • Several meetings were held over the years until in 1884 Mrs J. Murray laid the foundation stone.
      • Numerous family events were held over the August weekend including a carnival and demonstrations from birds of prey.
      • The firefighters' strikes planned for this week were dramatically suspended last night so that fresh talks can be held over pay.
      • A series of informational meetings will be held over the next two weeks to give members details of the proposal.
      • If the problems are a result of bullying at school, meetings may be held with school staff, the pupil and the support worker.
      • Duma elections were held most recently on December 7, 2003, and presidential elections on March 14, 2004.
      • More than a dozen of these model conferences are held annually across Canada.
      • The congress is being held under the auspices of the President of Bulgaria.
      • A memorial service for Mr Brown will be held later that day at 2.30 pm at St Mary's Church in Tetbury.
      • He had asked for neighborhoods to come out and hold rallies in support of the new government and no one did.
      • Special training classes on road safety would be held in schools to educate children.
      • The first nationwide courses are being held at eight locations across the country this weekend.
      • Many areas across the county will, of course, be holding their own local events.
      • There are only a few places left for the Spanish Course which will be held in September.
      • The programme of courses to be held at the University of Bath in Swindon included such subjects as juggling and wine tasting.
      • But there was one person with whom I was able to hold an amicable and fruitful conversation.

  • 6

    • 6.1(stop)

      hold it! ¡espera!
      • hold it right there or I'll shoot! ¡quieto o disparo!
      • Hold it right there. No one's going anywhere.
      • Hold it! Something doesn't sound right.
      • ‘Whoa, hold it a minute,’ Mike said, sitting up straight in his chair.

    • 6.2EEUU (omit)

      I'll have a hamburger, but hold the mustard para mí una hamburguesa, pero sin mostaza
      • Add a slice of cheese to your sandwich, but hold the mayonnaise.
      • As more Americans hold the cream and cut the carbs, Starbucks has been forced to respond.
      • Would Steve McQueen have been a skinny latte man? Does Sean Penn ask them to hold the fries and the bun when he orders a burger?
      • When she ate there, once or twice a month, she asked them to hold the cheese on her burger and give her a salad instead of fries.

verbo intransitivo held, held

  • 1

    (clasp, grip)
    hold tight! ¡agárrate fuerte!
    • hold tight for some amazing revelations! ¡prepárese para oír asombrosas revelaciones!
  • 2

    • 2.1(stay firm)

      (rope/door) aguantar
      (rope/door) resistir
      • The Oxford defence held firm throughout while James Forrest continually harassed the home defence.
      • Coastal defences had held well under the extreme conditions of recent days, the Environment Agency said.
      • The arches supporting the weight above still held as strong as the day they were built.
      • Authorities say that so far the timber dam is holding but it could send six feet of water rushing into downtown.
      • Julia stared nervously at the thin cord as it shifted under Asha's weight, fearing the tiny anchor would not hold.
      • We pray that it continues to hold, otherwise we face the risk of the train detaching itself and rocketing back down through the tunnel.
      • For some time now, no one has seriously believed those restraints would hold.

    • 2.2(continue)

      (weather) seguir bueno
      (weather) continuar bueno
      (weather) mantenerse
      share prices have held in spite of the trade deficit los precios de las acciones se han mantenido a pesar del déficit comercial
      • if our luck holds si nos sigue acompañando la suerte
      • We expect the ceasefire to continue holding in order to enable this process to move forward at a quicker pace.
      • So it is back to square one unless the Good Friday Agreement holds.
      • The troops are still there, of course, and the peace is still holding.
      • Peace has held for six years but political, economic and social life is still on its way to recovery.
      • I hope my luck holds, but finding the coupon was a big enough boost anyway.
      • On day three, the weather was continuing to hold, so they sailed about five miles west to the island of Boreray.
      • The Tories are pinning their hopes on a May election and optimistically predict a hung parliament if today's poll findings continue to hold.
      • Croft watched the sky redden and hoped the weather would continue to hold.
      • According to the most recent reports, the ceasefire seems to be holding.
      • The ceasefire brokered in the aftermath of the attack is shaky but continues to hold.
      • I was the second to last person on board and my luck continued to hold with an empty seat beside mine so there was extra underseat space to stash my stuff.
      • For now, however, the ceasefire holds with both sides of the political divide stating their continued commitment to the peace process.

  • 3

    (be true)
    (idea/analogy) ser válido
    the same holds for most of his books lo mismo puede decirse de / es válido para la mayoría de sus libros
    • If your argument holds, why are you bothering to say anything here?
    • And if something travels faster than light Einstein's Theory doesn't hold.
    • She shows that the upbeat view doesn't hold up in the face of a careful examination of the numbers.
    • To me, it's not terribly important whether or not the theory holds up to scientific scrutiny.
    • Given the damning evidence that Secrest and Hyland present, this view no longer holds up.
    • This is the first theory I've heard that holds together on all levels.
    • Possibly she is so in love that she hasn't noticed that her boyfriend's story just doesn't hold together.
    • The plot holds together well, featuring a number of laugh-out-loud moments, and some terribly amusing twists.
  • 4

    hold hard! ¡un momento!


  • 1

    • 1.1(grip, grasp)

      he had a firm hold on the rope tenía la cuerda bien agarrada / sujeta
      • I can't get a hold on the screw no consigo agarrar el tornillo
      • I tried to smooth down my hair but Noah caught hold of my hands and held them in his, looking me straight in the eye.
      • I slipped, caught hold of the back of a chair, and sat down on the floor, heavily.
      • He slid down slowly and Cora, alarmed, caught hold of him around the waist.
      • A policeman caught hold of him and dragged him over the fence to safety, leaving him with nothing more serious than bruises.
      • The woman fell trying in vain to keep hold of the bag.
      • Make certain that you keep hold of the receipts.
      • As she struggled to keep hold of the bag she was kicked three times in the stomach before the group of four fled.
      • O'Connell said they had eased their hold on him when he stopped struggling.
      • The only way Jenn learned of their presence was when one of them clamped a hand over her mouth and the other four gained a tight hold on her arms.
      • I glared at him, but since he had a tight hold on my hand and I wasn't in the mood for a scene I followed him.
      • Without another thought Royce clambered out the window, keeping a tight hold on the makeshift rope.
      • He kept tight hold of her hand, then released it and put his arm about her waist.
      • I tightened my hold around her waist a little and kissed the top of her head.
      • Taking hold of the doorknob Tommy slowly began to open the door.
      • They both grabbed hold of the handles, and began to open the enormous doors.
      • I patted his neck, which was damp with sweat, and loosened my hold on the reins.
      • I've always had my suspicions regarding Desmond's apparently tenuous hold on reality.
      • Keeping hold of the ball was one of England's problems during the World Cup.
      • As they fought she grabbed hold of the mask and tore it off his face.
      • Victoria reached up and grabbed hold of her younger sister's wrist.
      • Lydia stands, but George keeps a firm hold of her hand for a moment longer.

    • 1.2(control)

      to keep a firm hold on sth mantener algo bajo riguroso control
      • to get a hold of / on oneself controlarse
      • she doesn't have the same hold on an audience that she used to ya no mantiene el interés del público como antes
      • the hold they have over the members of the sect el dominio que ejercen sobre los miembros de la secta
      • she has a hold over him él está embobado con ella
      • At least this season Ferrari's hold has been, temporarily at least, broken.
      • Antony remained in the east, while Octavian retained a brutal hold on Italy.
      • The military consolidated their hold on power.
      • Clearly, the Italian Renaissance continues to exert a powerful hold on historical imagination.
      • Since the public has lost faith in ideology, politicians must now use fear in order to maintain their hold over the masses.
      • The court might be reasoning that she still has some psychological hold over the young man, or that being with him is emotionally bad for her or for him.
      • The Germans had tightened their hold on the whole country and it became more difficult to arrange transport for the Allied soldiers.
      • I just couldn't seem to get a hold on my emotions.
      • Gaitskell performed effectively in Parliament over the Suez crisis and confirmed his hold over the party.

    • 1.3Televisión

      horizontal/vertical hold control de imagen horizontal/vertical

  • 2

    • 2.1(in wrestling, judo)

      llave femenino
      • For example, wrestling includes many holds, which can easily be performed in such a way that they damage the elbow, shoulder, neck or leg joints.
      • Now, I will be the first to tell anyone that there is a lot more to being an announcer than knowing the names of moves and holds.
      • He is a master of numerous holds and throws and is a throwback to a time when stories were told in the ring and not on the microphone.
      • Older boys are using wrestling holds to intimidate younger students.
      • Inside the base gymnasium, they practice wrestling holds to prove themselves capable of hand-to-hand combat.
      • When properly applied, the choke hold causes unconsciousness in 10-20 seconds.

    • 2.2(in mountaineering)

      asidero masculino
      • Try to position your hands and feet on the holds in the positions you will want them in for the next move.
      • When I latched on to this hold and let my feet swing out from the face below, I felt an alarming sense of fatigue in my arms.
      • He set his feet firmly apart and reaching forward, gripped the rough holds.
      • His fingers scrabbled at the stone and found holds, but not before he dropped a foot; he hung on to the tower with weary fingers and an iron grip.
      • She walked over to the pillar, and put her foot on one of the holds.
      • I started back up and climbed about ten feet higher on tiny little holds.
      • Placing my hands gingerly upon the first holds and locating the proper foot placement, I commence with my climb.
      • I pulled myself up to the next hold and continued up for about five feet.
      • When climbing, our feet should be placed securely in a hold before placing our hands.
      • The only holds offered were the handrail on the roof and the small cleat amidships.

  • 3

    (delay, pause)
    demora femenino

Hay 2 traducciones principales de hold en Español

: hold1hold2


bodega, n.

Pronunciación /hoʊld/ /həʊld/


  • 1

    (of ship, aircraft)
    bodega femenino
    • Each unit costs a different amount and they also take up a certain amount of space in the cargo hold of the ship.
    • A final doorway led from the galley down to the cargo hold under the ship.
    • Some were given spaces in the vast holds of the ship, where they laid down to rest and were asleep in just a few minutes.
    • I jumped to the ground and headed for the cargo hold, examining my ship on the way.
    • They hoist their bags on to the ramp, step up into the back of the aircraft and pass their bags forward to the cargo hold.
    • And the huge sliding doors on both sides allow for the kind of access normally offered by the cargo holds of large merchant ships.
    • They can stroll to the bar, or perhaps down to a gym on the lower deck, next to the cargo hold.
    • During travel, insulin should not be put in the luggage hold of an aircraft as it may freeze.
    • Most of the emigrants traveled in steerage accommodations, between the upper deck and the cargo hold.
    • They have encouraged carry-on bags to cut the time and expense of loading luggage into aircraft holds.
    • ‘We just plucked our bags from the hold of the aircraft, and drove off,’ he says.
    • All the bags in the hold of the aircraft were removed and re-scanned, although nothing untoward was detected.
    • A fire in the engine-room spread to the hold, causing the crew to abandon ship.
    • Pushchairs can be wheeled right up to the steps of the aircraft and are then stowed in the hold while the children are carried aboard.
    • Rameses takes me to the bottom of the ship, to the cargo hold.
    • The captain walked down to the lower hold of the ship flanked by two bodyguards.
    • The cargo was stowed in the hold.
    • And then some of their cargo showed up, and they were all busy stowing it in the cargo hold.
    • Parts that had been replaced were scattered on the metal floor in the space that had once been the cargo hold.
    • Senator Kendrix Vincent walked up the gangway into the hold of her ship, the Blue Delphinus.