There are 2 main translations of holding in Spanish

: holding1holding2


Pronunciation /ˈhoʊldɪŋ/ /ˈhəʊldɪŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of stocks)

      a majority/minority holding una participación mayoritaria/minoritaria
      • she has substantial holdings in banking stocks tiene en cartera una buena cantidad de valores bancarios
      • Shares feature prominently alongside a mixture of securities and property investments in the holdings of the superannuation funds.
      • We screened the company's database looking for funds with diversified holdings that spread their assets to many nations in the region.
      • On the back of hefty unrealised profits in their property and stock holdings, Japanese banks boosted their global operations, thinking the expansion could last forever.
      • At that point, they would be gaining from their stock holdings, but the fund would be paying lower Social Security benefits.
      • The rise in real estate offsets declines in stock holdings and mutual funds.
      • I continue to be an avid follower of the company, because of my stock options and holdings.
      • Today, any sensible analysis would certainly expand the definition of what functions as money to include other liquid financial assets, such as holdings in money market funds.
      • Since funds report their stock holdings only twice a year, the information is rarely up to date.
      • For the first time, the U.S. is paying foreigners more on their investment income from holdings in America than it receives from its own assets abroad.
      • But health of the real economy, not the market of mutual fund holdings and financial investments, is measured by employment and productivity.
      • In addition, investing in these bonds may help to diversify your fixed-income holdings.
      • That has put a big dent in the value of their stock holdings, generally 60% or more of their total assets.
      • The vast majority of this financial credit is created as financial sector entities borrow funds enabling the purchase of additional holdings of financial assets.
      • Until recently, Mexico's pension funds were required to invest two-thirds of their holdings in government securities.
      • Personal holdings of stocks and mutual funds increased by $944 billion.
      • While no one is urging investors to panic and liquidate their stock and mutual-fund holdings, the time for crisis-proofing investments has come.
      • The underlying holdings are stocks, which are more volatile than bonds and have a greater risk of losing some of your principal.
      • Her financial and property holdings have made her one of the world's richest women.
      • This is due to the huge decline in equity values over the past 18 months which has, in turn, increased the percentage value of property holdings.
      • The company will lose desktop share, but will be able to consolidate its holdings in some areas.

    • 1.3holdings plural(land)

      tierras feminine
      propiedades feminine
      • He stated he had approximately 180 acres of his own land but also had rented other holdings throughout the area.
      • You'd be talking about the areas where the holdings are vast and few and far between.
      • This is reflected in our own region where most holdings are dependent on an off-farm income.
      • For the purposes of the permitting arrangements, a holding includes all land parcels declared for area aid purposes.
      • For the occasion the university library mounted a display of its impressive holdings in the area.
      • This loss would be minimal in the context of the area of good quality of land within the holding, however, and the development is required for agriculture.
      • After the 1882 lead market crash, the Beaumont Company gave up the mine, along with its other holdings in the area.
      • In the Netherlands, England, Wales, and parts of Scotland, tenants generally had good-sized holdings and relatively secure tenure.
      • One such claim was marked by a transfer of property: the 1922 grant of 80 acres from private holdings to the Commonwealth.
      • Most of the standing and merchantable timber in Oldham was found on the private holdings as opposed to the common lands, which were largely moorland.
      • It is encouraging to see someone moving on to an agricultural holding rather than moving off it.
      • A World Bank study of northeast Brazil estimates that moving farmland into smaller holdings would raise output as much as 80 percent.
      • Strict restrictions on vehicles moving between farm holdings will be enforced for the next month.

  • 2

    (in boxing) bloqueo masculine
    (in US football) holding masculine
    (in US football) bloqueo masculine

There are 2 main translations of holding in Spanish

: holding1holding2


dilatorio, adj.


  • 1

    (operation/tactic) dilatorio
  • 2

    (tank) de almacenamiento temporal