Translation of holiday in Spanish:


fiesta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑləˌdeɪ/ /ˈhɒlɪdeɪ/

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  • 1

    fiesta feminine
    día festivo masculine
    día feriado masculine Latin America
    feriado masculine Latin America
    Thursday is a holiday el jueves es fiesta / día festivo
    • Special and often ostentatious efforts are mounted for public holidays and festivals.
    • It also lets you know when there are public holidays, so that you can either avoid them or make sure you're there to join in!
    • However, unlike the USA and Canada, Britain does not celebrate the harvest with an official public holiday.
    • Today is one of Bermuda's most celebrated public holidays: May 24th, or Bermuda Day.
    • Nigerian Americans also celebrate the major public holidays in the United States.
    • Idd-ul-Fitr is a Muslim festival and public holiday that is celebrated on the sighting of the new moon at the end of the calendar year.
    • For example, there is the issue of excessive public holidays, which have crossed 100 in a year.
    • In the UK all public holidays except those around Christmas are guaranteed to fall on a Monday or Friday.
    • And don't even think about suggesting I come in at weekends or on public holidays.
    • Last week, Monday and Friday were both public holidays, and so was Monday this week.
    • We've got a four day week here due to public holidays, and as usual, I have seven days worth of work to try to cram in.
    • Workers in the UK have fewer public holidays than anywhere else in the European Union.
    • They celebrate a public holiday here on Monday, its Discovery Day.
    • On the Monday the country enjoyed a public holiday to celebrate the Queen's Birthday.
    • More people may also be free to attend the gathering because Wednesday is a public holiday to celebrate the traditional Dragon Boat Festival.
    • Secular celebrations and public holidays are much more numerous than religious celebrations.
    • Public holidays in the Bahamas include the major holy days of the Christian calendar.
    • The day has been declared an official holiday and is celebrated in all parts of Bulgaria.
    • I remember joining in the singing and general festivities of the Jubilee holiday.
    • Prices differ after noon on Saturdays, on Sundays and on public holidays.
  • 2mainly British

    (period away from work)
    vacaciones feminine
    licencia feminine Colombia, Mexico, River Plate
    (mood/feeling/spirit) (before noun) festivo
    (cottage/trip) de vacaciones
    I'm taking my holiday(s) in June me voy a tomar las vacaciones en junio
    • we usually go abroad for our holiday(s) normalmente nos vamos de vacaciones al extranjero
    • to go on holiday or one's holidays irse de vacaciones
    • to be on holiday estar de vacaciones
    • I spent my holidays abroad pasé mis vacaciones en el extranjero
    • where do you spend your summer holidays? ¿dónde veraneas?
    • I really need a holiday me hacen falta unas vacaciones
    • it was good to have a holiday from the kids me vino muy bien descansar de los niños
    • paid holiday(s), holiday(s) with pay vacaciones pagadas / retribuidas
    • how much holiday have you got left? ¿cuántos días de vacaciones te quedan?
    • what's your holiday entitlement? ¿cuántos días de vacaciones te corresponden?
    • the holiday season la temporada de vacaciones
    • holiday traffic tráfico vacacional / de las vacaciones
    • She travelled to America on holiday for the second time in February 2001.
    • Our parents are good friends and as children we went on camping trips and spent holidays together.
    • Danny was a sixteen-year-old boy who she'd met on holiday in Spain last summer.
    • I stayed there on holiday last summer and the lobby looks nothing like that and there were way more tourists.
    • I used to care for neighbours horses when they went away on holiday and travel to shows with them to help out.
    • I will be on holiday for the next three weeks.
    • We travelled to Ireland on holiday so we could take him with us.
    • When we're on holiday, because Dad travels so much, he always knows the perfect meal to order.
    • Mr Carlyle said he was touring Scotland on holiday, and that he was pleased to be in Orkney.
    • Let's have a two-week break and go on holiday next January.
    • I'm off on holiday for a well-earned break shortly, so I'm working like mad to clear my desk before I go.
    • Since childhood, he had spent holidays in Exeter with relatives.
    • I also make a conscious choice to go on holiday before hordes of children go, as I have had my family and now wish to relax when I go on my holidays.
    • She really seemed to like me and I took her to Phuket and everywhere around Thailand for the month I was on holiday.
    • We will soon be going on holiday for a month to rest and have lots of fun.
    • After all, no tourists ever went on holiday to this barren spot!
    • I just want to get away on holiday and let things take care of themselves really.
    • It was the school holidays, and the place was teeming with people, families, youth groups, holiday clubs.
    • For the holidays we went to our holiday house at Stewarts Gully.
    • The holiday club runs from 8am to 6pm every weekday during school holidays, except Bank Holidays and Christmas.
  • 3British

    School University
    (often plural) vacaciones feminine
    during the (school) holiday(s) durante las vacaciones (escolares)

intransitive verb

  • 1

    pasar las vacaciones mainly British
    vacacionar Mexico, mainly British
    (in summer) veranear
    we're holidaying in Spain/at home this year este año pasaremos las vacaciones en España/no saldremos fuera de vacaciones
    • He flew with friends to Thailand on Wednesday, December 22 to spend three weeks holidaying on the coast.
    • Fears were growing today for three York tourists who were holidaying in Thailand when the Asian earthquake struck.
    • It is very much a romantic getaway with more couples holidaying there than families or single people.
    • He has spent the last couple of days holidaying with his family.
    • Over the years the family spent a lot of time holidaying in Europe.
    • Rather than holidaying in the Bahamas, they spend six weeks up a mountain.
    • We holidayed in Clovelly, a little village in Devon.
    • Apparently Ellison called him while he was holidaying in Oregon.
    • Mr Yan recollects that he heard about Miss Brockie when holidaying on the Riviera.
    • Canon Joyce welcomed the huge congregation which included many visitors who are holidaying in the area.
    • Two of her sisters are working in London, while two other family members are holidaying in Australia.
    • It is wonderful to see so many people holidaying in the area.
    • In Madeira she had been learning Portuguese and had also met a few Brazilians who had been holidaying there.
    • Robbie, Ian explained, was staying in a villa neighbouring the hotel where he is holidaying with his wife Maureen.
    • He is holidaying in the town until Wednesday when he travels back to England.
    • Czechs, Poles and Slovenians are also expected to return to holidaying in Bulgaria.