Translation of hologram in Spanish:


holograma, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑləˌɡræm/ /ˈhoʊləˌɡræm/ /ˈhɒləɡram/

Definition of holograma in Spanish


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    holograma masculine
    • Those blend at the chip with unfettered laser light to create a hologram of the tumor interior.
    • One entire hangar was dedicated to video art and films, as well as kinetic light art and holograms.
    • Several times, he crossed the path of the beams and distorted the communication hologram image.
    • With a contented smile, she activated the image and the tiny hologram came to life.
    • The science of holograms and images had especially taken great leaps and bounds since their discovery.
    • It was very much like a hologram, three-dimensional with horizontal lines running across.
    • Although no camera is used, one could describe the actual hologram as a type of photograph produced on film with laser light.
    • Human organs in specimen jars could be replaced by three-dimensional holograms using a new kind of imaging technology being developed in the United Kingdom.
    • The disc began to light up and then projected a transparent hologram of my father.
    • A hologram image of a scientist walked across the courtroom toward Raven's bench and spoke loudly so that all in the room could hear him.
    • This pattern creates a hologram that you can see by illuminating the plate with a laser.