Translation of homely in Spanish:


casero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhoʊmli/ /ˈhəʊmli/

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adjective homelier, homeliest

  • 1

    (meal/food) casero
    (atmosphere/room/furnishings) acogedor
    (atmosphere/room/furnishings) hogareño
    a homely woman una mujer muy de su casa
    • Contact sessions are held in purposefully homely rooms with comfortable easy chairs and lots of toys, games and activities.
    • It is one of the most homely places in town where a warm welcome and friendly smile awaits all visitors.
    • There's a warm and homely atmosphere to go with the fare of traditional country cooking and game.
    • He went to the Pennine School in Wakefield, a Steiner school offering vocational training in a friendly, homely environment.
    • The entire living room was very homely and pleasant, with large windows that let in the afternoon light.
    • To the right is the living room, a homely space with an open fireplace and large, comfortable armchairs.
    • Use of warm, dim lighting goes some way to mask the ugly furnishings, creating a cosy, homely, inviting atmosphere.
    • It had a nice, homely atmosphere to it, and seemed friendly and welcoming.
    • People are encouraged to use the centre on an informal basis where they can meet professionally trained people in a relaxed, calm and homely atmosphere.
    • The ethos is based on caring, socialisation and education in a homely environment, and each member of staff shows endless patience, love and commitment to our children.
    • As well as providing a homely environment, the project enables residents to pick up the skills they will need when they come to live independently.
    • Gillian loves the unique, homely atmosphere there and says she likes to think the pub is nothing like standard pub chains.
    • She said hospital guides have shown that patients recover much more quickly in a normal, homely atmosphere.
    • Our tutors specialise in teaching beginners in a very relaxed homely atmosphere.
    • Refreshments are served in a nice homely atmosphere.
    • She pointed out that the scheme also gives young people with intellectual disabilities an enjoyable break in a homely atmosphere.
    • With wooden flooring and large comfortable sofas, it offers a modern atmosphere but with a cosy, homely feel.
    • There is a homely atmosphere and you soon feel at ease.
    • She felt a sense of pride in the homely environment she had created.
    • The whole place had a very homely, cosy feel to it, and I just became accustomed to the rooms being unfinished.
    • The tables are plain pine, giving the whole restaurant a homely, farmhouse-kitchen feel.
    • Nestled among her descriptions of food at posh New York restaurants is a handful of recipes for the simple, homely food that she cooks at home.
    • Mary was blessed with a natural and homely disposition.
    • The Chinese have an ordinary homely dish made of fish head stewed with tofu, which is bland and believed to be healthy.
    • A simple analogy or a homely metaphor does the trick to invite the reader to share his views, opinions, judgement and comments.
    • Eisenhower is seen as homely, modest and more at home as a coalition leader than as a field commander.
    • Proper linen napkins were teamed with mismatched cutlery and homely plates, adding to the unpretentious but stylish character of the place.
    • It's an outgrowth of a philosophy that doesn't discriminate between what's homely and domestic and what's grand and public.
    • She is the kind of homely, unassuming woman you would pass in the street.
    • He was a much loved figure, witty, kind-hearted, and absent-minded, and his satires are plain, clear, homely, and predominantly good-natured.
    • It is mostly used for the plainer and more homely cakes such as Victoria sandwich cakes.
    • But even simple home-cooking is something that the French have perfected into an art and the homely meals whipped up by housewives in their kitchens in France are as delicious as they come.
    • The family quiz show that was being aired by Asianet had been one of those homely shows which had found favour with family audiences.
    • In Bulgaria the cooks go crazy with this homely vegetable, shoving it on everything from salads and sandwiches to slices of pizza.
    • I came back to the city sitting on a crate of organic asparagus and listening to a homely, hippie couple bicker in the back seat.
    • Surprisingly, then, it behoves the discerning reader to gravitate toward books that are homely.
    • Describing his cooking as a homely and comforting blend of English and European, Mark is passionate about his trade and prides himself as someone who does not compromise on quality.
    • ‘I am a homely person who likes to be surrounded by her friends and family members,’ says the actress.
    • Kate had a generosity of spirit that reached out to many and she was homely and welcoming to a fault.
    • I would a thousand times rather have a homely girl, simply brought up, than a learned lady and a wit who would make a literary circle of my house and install herself as its president.
    • His appeal to his listening public as brothers and sisters was an attempt to appear homely, patriotic, and even rather non-political.
  • 2US

    (plain, ugly)
    • At first glance, it would seem that the decision to cast the luminous Greta Garbo as the homely Christina is Hollywood historical revisionism at its most overt.
    • An older, very homely woman answered and let him in.
    • Not for the first time, I wished I was homely and forgettable.
    • She was angered at the balance the homely girl displayed.
    • The other teenage boy, a homely lad with a very unpleasant-looking big nose, looked as if a bomb had just exploded next to him.
    • They were weird little guys, homely men with pot bellies and wispy tinted hair.
    • Donald Legg was a homely man, his nose was too large for his face.
    • I was homely, and he didn't want me to embarrass him any more than was absolutely necessary.
    • It seemed as if just a month ago I was an underrated, homely girl with nothing but a dream.
    • Unlike most guys, Alex will be just as nice to the homely girls as he is to the popular ones.
    • Juanita Montoya was a plump, homely woman who always wore cotton dresses and perfume that she'd brought with her from Mexico - she hadn't accepted the American way quite yet.
    • The young boy sits in his elder's lap and looks into his face with trust and love despite the man's strikingly homely appearance, marked by a bulbous nose covered with warts and blisters.
    • She had the same look, the same dark hair and nerdy glasses, homely appearance, and amazing personality.
    • She wasn't an ugly girl… just a bit unusual and homely at times, but never ugly.
    • They are far from ugly but compared to my mother's side of the family, they are simple and homely.
    • People didn't look at you that way if they thought you were plain and homely.