Translation of homey in Spanish:


hogareño, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhoʊmi/ /ˈhəʊmi/

adjective homier, homiest

  • 1

    (manner) campechano
    • Gone is the original homey Winnipeg setting, now upscaled to downtown Toronto.
    • The desserts were homey and filling - the baked banana with chocolate sauce is the ultimate for those people who love that combination.
    • He is a difficult person to read: one is never certain whether his deadpan style and homey phrases reveal a fool or a powerful conviction politician.
    • It was a story filled with homey touches about berry picking trips, the strange adversarial love that can bind some couples together, and the choices that people have to make to keep their lives moving on.
    • The restaurant offers hot, homey Mauritian fare, and the island has one of the most diverse cuisines in the world.
    • Another house specialty is the sweet stewed apples that give every plate a homey feel.
    • Neither of the wives of the leading Democratic contenders, Kerry and Edwards, wants to be cast in the mould of homey Laura Bush or ambitious Hillary Clinton.
    • Then there is her homey appearance: older gentlemen are said to be delighted when a meek smile suddenly emerges from her frozen features.
    • Pam's house near the reservoir was the ideal location for a thank-you party, and the parties there are always so homey and unconventional.
    • Rick Linklater's digitally shot, computer-animated movie is a work of homey gentility and apparently easy eloquence.
    • This soft, homey wine echoes that casual, unconcerned air.
    • According to one, she's a languid, sensual singer able to maintain a perfect voice without giving up her homey charm.
    • Still, the tapas remain a rare blend of classy and homey.
    • Momma Lin's homey, tasty dishes, encompassing all regional flavors, such as Taiwanese, Hakka, and Sichuan have made this restaurant endure competition over the years.