Translation of homing in Spanish:


de volver al hogar, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhoʊmɪŋ/ /ˈhəʊmɪŋ/


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    (instinct) de volver al hogar
    (device/missile) buscador
    • Their homing abilities could also provide scientists with new clues to the long-debated role of the Earth's magnetic fields in animal movements and migrations.
    • The relocation operation relies on the birds' excellent natural homing instinct, which compels them to return to the site where they hatched.
    • To see whether they have a homing ability, Boles caught more than 100 lobsters in different locations and transported them for about an hour in various deceptive ways to a test site.
    • The Manx shearwater has a phenomenal homing ability.
    • ‘We can't tell at this stage which of these two types of homing behavior the sea snakes are displaying,’ said Reed.
    • Male black bears have remarkable homing instincts as well and have traveled great distances, some up to 400 miles, to return to their homestead.
    • This homing behavior has been documented in other parts of the globe.
    • In one astounding example of determination and homing instinct, a leopard translocated from its range in South Africa walked 540 km home, the distance between Chennai and Hyderabad.
    • Over generations of grazing on the same land the flock has developed a homing instinct, which means that they do not stray from their pastures.
    • It should now be clear that trying to settle this flock elsewhere is almost impossible bearing in mind their strong homing instincts.
    • Take the homing instinct: how do the pigeons do it?
    • The sport of pigeon racing is built around a central mystery: the strange homing instinct of the pigeon.
    • Homing behavior is known to occur in other reptiles, such as crocodiles and sea turtles.
    • He didn't look to the left, he didn't look to the right, he came straight in the door and ran straight down to my brother like a homing missile.
    • It is an optically-sighted weapon, but also contains a heat-seeking homing device.
    • The Lynx adds considerably to the destroyer's firepower - it can fly at 180 knots, and has its own Sea Skua anti-ship missiles and homing torpedoes.
    • These act like James Bond-esque homing devices and, through the use of either satellite and/or land-based radio technology, can pinpoint your vehicle if it is stolen.
    • Jessie looked up from the remains of the homing device.
    • His truck had a homing device hidden under the front left wheel, and even the phones at work were tapped.
    • Carbon dioxide acts like a homing device, guiding pesky mosquitoes to their dinner.
    • However, the German response was to develop the first homing torpedoes.
    • New types of torpedoes were hurried into production, the most important being the Mark 18 electric and the homing types.
    • One principal area in the development of weapon systems is the creation of precision weapon systems using guided and homing missiles, rockets, projectiles, bombs, and other weaponry.
    • Mines can be sown in deep water, and are propelled at high speed towards a target, like a miniature homing torpedo.
    • It is armed with one homing torpedo, one torpedo rocket and twelve bombs.
    • The teams marked drop zones and set up radar homing devices to guide aircraft to there targets.
    • Further employment of the infra-red spectrum may be found in aerial combat with the infra-red homing missile.
    • This means the shell is going to combine the qualities of a controlled and homing weapon.
    • The arsenal of weapons include homing plasma guns, rockets, proximity grenades, Gattling guns and much more.
    • Bomb varieties can be anything from a simple mortar to homing missiles that purposely land on either side of your enemy (in case he attempts to dodge).
    • This aspect is more than a gimmicky distraction, as his tinkerings transform a fairly standard rocket launcher into a potent homing weapon that can track and fire upon four targets simultaneously.
    • It is also used with homing weapons and guided bombs.
    • Often, in the mid-Atlantic, after forcing U-boats to crash-dive, carrier planes dropped homing torpedoes on the submarines.