Translation of homosexuality in Spanish:


homosexualidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌhoʊməˌsɛkʃəˈwælədi/ /ˌhɒmə(ʊ)ˌsɛkʃʊəˈalɪti/ /ˌhəʊmə(ʊ)ˌsɛkʃʊˈalɪti/

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    homosexualidad feminine
    • The eminent biologist played a crucial role in the fight to decriminalize homosexuality in Britain.
    • The brief debate leading up to the passing of the act was full of bigoted attacks against homosexuality.
    • He was very outspoken against homosexuality.
    • The gay icon declared her homosexuality in 1992.
    • It is hard to imagine how difficult it was for the man to openly admit his homosexuality.
    • He has never hidden his homosexuality during his 27-year TV news career.
    • He has always refused to talk about his personal life, even though his homosexuality was widely known in media and political circles.
    • Persons facing attack, inhumane treatment, or serious discrimination because of their homosexuality, and whose governments are unable or unwilling to protect them, should be recognized as refugees.
    • The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde shows how society viewed and reacted to homosexuality back then.
    • The scandal has shown up the worst aspects of the press in terms of its attitude toward homosexuality.