Translation of honeymoon in Spanish:


luna de miel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhəniˌmun/ /ˈhʌnɪmuːn/

Definition of luna_de_miel in Spanish


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    (after wedding)
    luna de miel feminine
    they're going to Paris on / for their honeymoon se van a París de viaje de novios / de luna de miel
    • the honeymoon couple la pareja de recién casados
    • A couple on their honeymoon are driving through a remote part of America in a mini-bus.
    • The reception was held at the Castlecourt Hotel, Westport and afterwards the happy couple left on their honeymoon.
    • He and his 28-year-old wife were on their honeymoon, having got married just three days earlier.
    • Believing them to be a young couple on their honeymoon the Carrolls offered to change places with them but the couple declined.
    • A young couple got married and left on their honeymoon.
    • The married couple can open the bottles to toast on their honeymoon, or save them for a milestone anniversary.
    • The couple visited New York and Florida on their honeymoon.
    • The happy couple have gone to the U.S.A. on their honeymoon.
    • The young couple went to Mauritius on their honeymoon and we wish them all the very best.
    • Michael tries to stop the wedding, but arrives too late; Kyle and Natalie have already left on their honeymoon.
    • The reception was held in the Woodlands Hotel and the happy couple spent a month travelling Australia on their honeymoon.
    • The couple, who spent two weeks in Italy on their honeymoon, are planning a blessing service later in the year.
    • This was his favorite picture; it was taken on their honeymoon.
    • The happy couple are presently on honeymoon in Florida.
    • His sister and Charlie were still on their honeymoon, and he very much doubted that Leanne would be much of a comfort if she dared to come at all.
    • The happy couple are on honeymoon in Tunisia at present.
    • As anyone who's been there on their honeymoon will tell you, most of the 200-odd islands that make up the Maldives are pretty small.
    • She had wanted to go there on their honeymoon in 1927, but they had been too poor.
    • When the couple set off on their honeymoon, Caroline was dismayed to find that a photographer had been hired to go to Tahiti with them.
    • The wedding reception was held at the Tower Hotel and the happy couple are now on honeymoon in Florida.
  • 2

    (period of grace)
    luna de miel feminine
    • After all, a new president enjoys a honeymoon period of three months at most.
    • But those first few days turned out to be the honeymoon period.
    • Even when he was enjoying a honeymoon period in the job in the early months of the season, O'Leary was sensitive about his image and that of his players.
    • Right now, they tell me, I am in the honeymoon period.
    • The European Championships qualifier with Turkey was a good performance but the honeymoon period seems to have run out for the England manager.
    • Swept to power on a huge wave of popular support in April his honeymoon period is still far from over with opinion polls giving him exceptionally high ratings.
    • But, like football managers, his honeymoon period will be short-lived unless he delivers.
    • It marks the end of the honeymoon period and no doubt his opponents will mark the occasion by starting to think about pulling off their gloves.
    • Although still enjoying a honeymoon period with the press and public, on the training ground he has made it clear early on who is in charge.
    • He realises that he will be granted a honeymoon period, but that he will also be required to produce results.
    • The uselessness of the Metro Rail system will be clearly visible once the honeymoon period is over.
    • For the Prime Minister the honeymoon period is over and, like his party, he will be judged by improvements in services.
    • The honeymoon period didn't last very long for the new manager - but in football it never does.
    • By the summer of '92, their honeymoon period was well and truly over.
    • The new leader is currently enjoying a honeymoon period.
    • That will certainly help him during his honeymoon period.
    • And with the honeymoon period growing ever shorter, new CEOs have little time to get up to speed.
    • It just feels like an extraordinary honeymoon period.
    • We didn't even have a honeymoon period after he came.
    • This honeymoon period was brought to an end by the outbreak of war in Korea.
    • This is perhaps the first sign that the new President’s extraordinary honeymoon with the public is reaching the end.

intransitive verb

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    pasar la luna de miel