Translation of honor in Spanish:


honor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑnər/ /ˈɒnə/

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(British honour)
  • 1

    • 1.1(good name, reputation)

      honor masculine
      peace with honor una paz honrosa
      • a man of honor un hombre de honor / de palabra
      • Few have heard of Col. Ralston but he was a fearless defender of western Christian values and the honor of chaste young women.
      • A tremendous amount of energy is spent to either preserve the honor of a maiden, or to take it from her.
      • Several Dutch historians have pointed out that when it concerned reputation, women were anxious to preserve their sexual honour.
      • Dating conflicts with strict cultural norms about female chastity and its relationship to the honor of the woman and her family.

    • 1.2 archaic, humorous (chastity)

      honra feminine

  • 2

    (privilege, mark of distinction)
    honor masculine
    ladies and gentleman, it is a great honor for me … señoras y señores, es para mí un gran honor …
    • he received the highest honors his country could bestow recibió los más altos honores que otorgaba su país
    • with full military honors con todos los honores militares
    • Last, but not least, I deem it an honour and a rare privilege to write about her.
    • Serving with a parliamentarian of Richard Prebble's calibre has been a rare honour and privilege.
    • This opportunity is an honor and a privilege and I think it is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
    • ‘It has been a great honour and privilege for me to play for Manchester United for over 12 years,’ said Keane.
    • It would be an honour and a privilege to meet him.
    • It was an honour to watch a legend bring alive the genre of the blues.
    • It is especially an honour to be the first woman to hold the position of President.
    • Day said: ‘It's an honour to play here and if you can score a try it's even better.’
    • You could not walk down the street without residents saying it was an honour to meet me.
    • It is was an honour to be selected by the party as their candidate and to be elected to the council.
    • It's an honour to be associated with the Transatlantic Challenge featuring 24 of the best players in the world.
    • Working on the symphony has been extremely exciting for the orchestra and it will be an honour to perform the premiere.
    • ‘It's quite an honour to be asked to come back for a third time,’ says the choreographer as he scribbles notes mid-rehearsal.
    • ‘I'd be so proud if I won; it would be such an honour to represent my country as Miss Universe,’ she said.
    • He said it was always an honour to represent one's county and he also complimented the coaches and mentors of the teams for their committed work on behalf of the club.
    • John said it was ‘an honour to be part of a piece of history.’
    • And I thought it would be an honour to represent the school.
    • It was also an honour to meet the Lord Lieutenant.
    • It is an honour to be able to portray such legends on the screen.
    • So, well, cor blimey, what an honour to have one's work showcased by the BBC.
    • The national mycologist once described a new fungus that occurs on melon, so she had the honor of naming it.
    • He had the honour of being the first living artist to have his work exhibited in the Louvre.
    • It has been a distinct privilege to have the honor of working with them.
    • I never had the honor of meeting him, but his reputation preceded him.
    • His knighthood is the latest of dozens of awards and honours conferred on him.
    • The key to preparing successful nominations for honours, awards and decorations is to read and follow the guidelines provided.
    • The Geological Society of London awarded him its highest honour, the Wollaston Medal, for his pioneering work in marine geology and sedimentology.
    • He was awarded many honours and prizes for his work, including membership of the United States Academy of Sciences.
    • In 1964 the Japanese Government awarded him the honor of the Order of the Rising Sun.
    • And despite his numerous awards, trophies and honors, one still eludes him: a coveted spot on the U.S. Olympic swim team.
    • He collected a swathe of international honours, awards and prizes along the way, not least the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology.
    • He achieved numerous other honours and distinctions, including postgraduate prizes and fellowships, and he was invited to lecture around the world.
    • The award of honours for conspicuous gallantry came rather late, with the Victoria Cross during the Crimean War.
    • The national honours are conferred on Nigerians and foreigners who have distinguished themselves in their chosen careers and service to the country.
    • BBC World Service has been awarded a special honour at the Sony Radio Awards.
    • The Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor afforded to members by the American Camping Association.
    • Later this year, on 23 July, the City of Johannesburg will confer its highest honour on Mandela by handing him the freedom of the city.
    • With expertise in anthropology and Aboriginal arts, Chen's specialties and dedication in these fields have gained him numerous honors and awards.
    • He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, of which the Siemens prize is the latest addition.
    • Fuller was awarded many honours, including a fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects.
    • After his death, however, at the age of almost 90, de Lesseps was awarded many great honours.
    • Heroes who have won the highest honours for their bravery now have a permanent memorial at Westminster Abbey.
    • Starting with a national film award for his maiden venture, Barua has been a recipient of several honours at various international film festivals.
    • From 1967 to 1974 she concentrated on writing, but after her return to painting she achieved a high reputation, winning several honours.
    • I've never even thought about getting an honour from the Queen.
    • Nora is delighted to have been included in the Queen's New Year honours.
  • 3

    (as title)
    Your/His/Her Honor Su Señoría
    • Judge Brodrick's father, His Honour, Judge Norman Brodrick, QC, was Recorder of Portsmouth.
    • The Appellant was tried by His Honour Judge Cavell and a jury between 15th and 26th November 1999.
    • Of course not, Your Honour, nothing could be further from the truth.
    • In passing sentence, His Honour Judge Knopf said that the money which should have gone to the Inland Revenue would have been used for the advantage and benefit of society as a whole.
    • Speaking after the judgement by His Honour Judge Mahon, Miss Kirby said she was ‘very, very happy’.
    • I cannot leave this case without respectfully commending the handling of this case by Her Honour Judge Mowat and the judgment she gave.
    • He answered, ‘Not to my knowledge, Your Honour.’
    • That's correct, Your Honour.
    • Could the witness please be shown exhibit P1, Your Honour?
    • I should also mention an exchange in which counsel representing another defendant asked the Judge, ‘Is Your Honour going to set a date for a preparatory hearing in the New Year?’
    • He is presently serving a total sentence of twelve years imprisonment imposed by His Honour Judge Griggs on 2nd June 1999 when sitting in the Exeter Crown Court.
    • At the trial before His Honour Judge Pitchers the prosecution relied on expert evidence in relation to other documents alleged to have been written by the appellant for comparison purposes.
    • After a contested hearing His Honour Judge Bartfield made an order for possession on 7 June 2001, and on the same day granted permission to appeal to this court.
    • On 29th March 2000 in the Crown Court at Norwich before His Honour Judge Barham, the applicant was convicted of six counts of indecent assault.
    • We were able to retrieve a copy of the decision of a Tribunal chaired by His Honour Judge Lakin, sitting with two lay members and promulgated on 26 June 2000.
    • Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: His Honour the learned judge, told you at the beginning of the trial that it was your role to decide the factual issues in this case.
    • Consequently, His Honour Judge Tetlow was correct, in my judgment, that what he had to assess was the chance of the respondent succeeding on his counterclaim.
    • They came before His Honour Judge Barr in late 1988.
    • On behalf of the defendant, Mr Lewis first submits that the issue before me under section 14 is not identical to that determined by His Honour Judge Rivlin.
    • On 27th August 1999, he appeared before the Crown Court and was sentenced to life imprisonment by His Honour Judge Radford.
  • 4honors plural

    honores masculine
  • 5honors plural

    • 5.1(special mention)

      honors list cuadro de honor
      • to graduate with honors licenciarse con matrícula (de honor) / con honores

    • 5.2British (course of study)

      to do / take honours in French licenciarse en Filología francesa
      • honours graduate licenciado
      • an honours degree una licenciatura
      • combined honors titulación en dos especialidades
      • She overcame his resistance, qualified with honours, and set up practice in London.
      • After playing the electronic keyboard for several years, he took his grade 5 exam and passed with honours.
      • Out of 60 exams taken, 33 passed with Honours and the remaining 27 with Highly Commended.

transitive verb

(British honour)
  • 1

    (show respect)
    would you escort me in to dinner? — I'd be honored (to) ¿me acompaña al comedor? — será un honor para mí
    • I'm deeply honored to be chosen for this award me siento muy honrada de que se me haya concedido este premio
    • we are honored by your visit nos sentimos honrados con su visita
  • 2

    • 2.1(keep to)

      (agreement/obligation) cumplir (con)
      I intend to honor the contract tengo toda la intención de cumplir (con) el contrato
      • to honor one's word cumplir con su (or mi etc.) palabra

    • 2.2Finance

      (bill/debt) satisfacer formal
      (bill/debt) pagar
      (check/draft) pagar
      (check/draft) aceptar
      (credit card/signature) aceptar