Traducción de hoof en Español:


casco, n.

Pronunciación /hʊf/ /huf/ /huːf/

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nombreplural hoofs, plural hooves

  • 1

    (of horse) casco masculino
    (of horse) vaso masculino Río de la Plata
    (of horse) pezuña femenino México
    (of cow) pezuña femenino
    • With their teeth, hooves, horns and dung, wildebeest have literally cultivated the grasslands.
    • I closed my eyes, the horses hooves and the rocking of the carriage almost lulling me to sleep.
    • She heard the clopping of horse hooves but she didn't know where it was coming from.
    • Cyril paused to lift up one of the horse's hooves and check it for pebbles and mud.
    • The road was dusty, dry from the summer heat and churned by the passing of hooves and feet.
    • Sometimes I can hear the horses whinnying, hooves clip-clopping up the street.
    • The only sound I could hear was the clicking of our boots and the hooves of our horses.
    • Some of the strongest kinds of glue in the world are made from the hooves of dead horses.
    • She heard the horse hooves slow and she saw that they were coming to a stop at an inn.
    • The sound of horse hooves pounding toward her made Annabelle look up in fright.
    • The hooves of five stallions on a Cotswold stud farm were so badly overgrown that two of the animals had to be put down, a court heard on Monday.
    • The unicorn was the color of alabaster, except for the pure gold of his hooves and horn.
    • She was thinking about going back home when she heard hooves clatter on the bridge.
    • Most of them show an animal with cloven hoofs and a beard like a goat, or sometimes a mane like a horse.
    • The carriage slowed to a halt as Kaylen heard the clatter of hooves on cobblestone.
    • The two horses leapt over him, their iron shod hooves just mere inches from his body.
    • Clip-clop, clip-clop went his hooves as he clattered over the wooden planks.
    • The angry stamping of hooves brought her back to the present situation.
    • Worse still, due to bad roads the animals are often left with bleeding injuries and broken hooves.
    • The more it rained and the more the horses churned up the ground with their hooves, the worse it got.
  • 2coloquial, humorístico

    (person's foot)
    pata femenino coloquial, humorístico
    pezuña femenino coloquial, humorístico

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to hoof it ir a pata coloquial
    • If you are required to keep your cart on the path, you can end up walking farther than you would have if you hoofed it.
    • Why go with a guide instead of hoofing it on your own?
    • The bus wheezed up the road to the village of Naggar, where we disembarked, hoisted our packs, and started hoofing it.
    • I hoofed it to my parents' room to tell them the story.
    • After getting off the tram to the hotel, I notice a coffeeshop right by the tram stop, so I hoof it to the hotel, check in, shower, and put on some blissfully fresh clothes, and then head right back to it.
    • Although this is a business trip, I'll have a few hours to hoof it around London, and I am interested to know which places I can visit that have special appeal to Catholics.
    • Most of our vehicles got shipped south, leaving me to hoof it.
    • After two months of pilot training, he flies to India, where he's forced to sell his plane and hoof it.
    • A spanking new airport and swish metro system help, but the runners will probably find it easier to hoof it to the starting blocks.
    • Instead of hoofing it to a video store, go to the local library, where you can rent movies for almost half the price (some libraries even offer free rentals).
    • Parking a few blocks from her old apartment, Delilah exited the car in favor of hoofing it the rest of the way.
    • Two subway stops and a Metro ride later, we were in Jersey, hoofing it back to where the old man was.
    • With a spring, he jumped out of the alleyway and hoofed it back to his apartment.