Translation of hope in Spanish:


esperanza, n.

Pronunciation /hoʊp/ /həʊp/

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    esperanza feminine
    to be full of hope estar lleno de esperanzas / de ilusión
    • my hope is that she'll change her mind espero que cambie de opinión
    • we have high hopes of him/his getting a gold medal tenemos muchas esperanzas de que obtenga una medalla de oro
    • I don't want to raise false hopes no quiero crear falsas expectativas
    • I had set my hopes on getting the prize me había hecho ilusiones de llevarme el premio
    • Instead the two clubs can still dream of Cardiff, albeit in both cases more in hope than expectation.
    • This time there was hope and expectation, and a certain symbolism.
    • They now await their results in August and September in hope and expectation.
    • We are asking Graham Thorpe, more in hope than expectation, to come back and make an impact first time out.
    • It is merely false hope to expect the current government to bring this man to justice.
    • Everything you do in a garden is firmly based on hope and good expectations.
    • Like many men since time immemorial, he is living more in hope than expectation.
    • A vital tube link could be stopped in its tracks because of one man's hopes to save a goodsyard.
    • Ministry of Defence officials dashed hopes of a local economic bonanza.
    • However, the Minister's comments raises hopes of a supply of gas for the North West.
    • The promising photography raises high hopes and more or less continues for the rest of the film.
    • But the Council has revealed its hopes to put in safety measures have been put back.
    • Four draws on the trot in the league have not helped their hopes for promotion.
    • Their hopes of a decent Christmas to help them through until next year now look to be dashed.
    • But many relatives of those trapped aboard the Kursk arrived with a defiant hope that their boys would be saved.
    • Visitors are also asked to help fill in a memorial book with their thoughts and hopes.
    • How wrong they were, when their only son had gone missing as a baby and never been found, they had given up hope and believed him dead.
    • Holistic treatments may offer slender hope to patients, but they seem to prefer hopes to drugs and surgery.
    • Pearce's view is aided by a hope fresh faces could soon be coming to Eastlands.
    • Last year hopes were raised that the historic Ambassador cinema could be saved.
  • 2

    esperanza feminine
    there's little hope of a positive outcome hay pocas esperanzas / posibilidades de que el resultado sea positivo
    • Edwina Currie was moved by the response to the gathering, and believes it offers hope for the future.
    • No great surprises here either, but grounds for rational hope at the voting booth.
    • Regardless of what has gone before, I believe there is hope for a brighter and better future.
    • If we cannot find peace in the heavens, what hope on the ground?
    • Mariamma, however, has a ray of hope, which she believes, would brighten her life some day.
    • Because of the kindness of strangers I am at least inclined to believe there is hope.
    • The current lease runs out in a few years with, I believe, little hope of renewal.
    • Despite the loss of their status as equal leaders, Calderwood surely has grounds for hope.
    • A death toll that tops nearly one dozen in the first day of a military ceasefire offers little grounds for hope.
    • The incarnation is itself the renewal of our humanity, and the ground of our hope as well.
    • Ms. Nalak was silent for a few moments and Tyler began to believe that all hope was lost.
    • Even I was having a hard time believing it so what hope did that hold for anyone else?
    • O'Dea believes there is hope for those looking for work in the technology sector.
    • Grounds for hope remain in the fact that that she is still just 21 and has time to recover.
    • Their results were admittedly bad, but I believe there is still hope.
    • Amid the rationing and the rubble of bombed buildings, there was hope for the future and television was part of it.
    • The angel casts its shadow over the northeast as a reminder of its industrial past and a symbol of hope for the future.
    • She has no hope for the future and this caused me very great concern indeed.
    • The crux of the matter is whether the future holds hope for people who prefer to stay at home instead of going abroad to earn a living.
    • As the group made its impromptu stop outside an off-license, any hopes of an early night were optimistic.
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    (person, thing)
    esperanza feminine
    he's my last/only hope es mi última/única esperanza
    • The decision came as little surprise but washed away the last hopes of parents who have fought to save the popular schools.
    • This was one of the only hopes for this once majestic statue to be saved from the elements.
    • Most familiar with the problem believe the only hope for a reversal in the trend is education.
    • With the qualities of your head and heart booming, you are the best hope for your, friends and relations.
    • Kella, my last hope in changing my friend's mind uttered her opinion and my heart sank.

intransitive verb

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    to hope for sth
    I hope so/not espero que sí/que no
    • They will be hoping for an easy draw in the next round so they can get the show back on the road.
    • He added that in the long term his group was hoping for an effective relief road for the town centre.
    • The greedy geese drove off the ducks and chased after pensioners, hoping for a feed.
    • We didn't understand very much but we were hoping for a new life and a new country.
    • He was hoping for a fresh start when we moved from Trowbridge to Holt two years ago.
    • We were hoping for a treat as we headed over to the restaurant one Thursday evening.
    • He will also be hoping for more support if he is successful in his bid for Livingston.
    • We were hoping for rain today, but it was dry, so we had to play a bit of rugby instead.
    • Organiser are hoping for a bumper crowd for the highlight of the Sunday soccer season.
    • People come to our office hoping for help, for a gift that might transform their lives.
    • Immediately after her birth the mother rejected the child as she was hoping for a baby boy.
    • His friends and acquaintances sent him lots of cards and birthday wishes and all hope he will enjoy many more years.
    • I hope that when my kids are my age, they won't be in the situation I was.
    • The guild are running the quiz in aid of Laois Hospice and hopes for plenty of support.
    • We fast and pray and hope, and we believe it's in the Lord's hands, and we trust in him.
    • I believe, and hope, that this title race will go right down to the wire.
    • I believe we should all hope for the day when we no longer need to make that choice.
    • This is an issue that is going to have to be dealt with, one hopes sooner rather than later.
    • The committee hopes to see more people use this area along the Riverside Park for recreation.
    • All his friends and family hope to see him out and about again really soon.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to hope (that) esperar que
    to hope to + inf esperar + inf
    • Plans have been drawn up and it is hoped to commence work in this area in the new year.
    • We have provided the Court with a schedule setting out the areas that we hope to address.
    • In later essays I hope to address some questions that arise because of this piece.
    • He hopes to be as accessible as possible, and is planning a summer tour of villages in the constituency.
    • It is hoped to have the display open to the public for a few days during the week of the event.
    • It is hoped to spread the scheme to the rest of the borough when funds become available.
    • The 2003 World Cup is my major aim and I have a plan that I hope to stick to.
    • We hope to plan further outings during the summer months so watch these notes for further details.
    • He was given a medical discharge but, since having surgery, hopes to reapply for his dream job.
    • Mark is recovering well and hopes to meet the man who saved his life one day.
    • This year the government hopes to bring them together under a new Fire Safety Reform Act.
    • The centre hopes to give assistance in an area where legal aid solicitors are hard to find.
    • The defence hopes to overturn the ruling barring any inquiry into the legality of the war.
    • The prime minister hopes to win back majority support from within his own party in coming months.
    • This week, the German finance ministry hopes to close the village's tax loophole.
    • Dr Bhavin Bhatt hopes to establish the surgery alongside his private practice in Reeves Way.
    • Whitehead hopes to learn more about the meteorite when he goes to the crater's site next summer.
    • A senior engineer said the council hopes to complete the investigation within a month.
    • He met children and parents in some of the poorest areas of the country and one day hopes to take his own daughters back to visit the region.
    • Friends say the couple hope to spend Christmas with her mother in Northern Ireland.