Translation of hopper in Spanish:


tolva, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑpər/ /ˈhɒpə/

Definition of tolva in Spanish


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    tolva feminine
    (of furnace) tragante masculine
    • Most of them are unit trains of grain hoppers or container trains.
    • The outlets on the bottom of the individual hoppers are controlled by a rod that runs the length of the trailer.
    • Material is pumped from the sea bed as a fluid mixture with water and is discharged into the dredger's hoppers where the heavy material rapidly sinks to the bottom.
    • The resulting materials are loaded into hoppers, from where they are either bagged up or loaded directly into lorries for local delivery.
    • One of the patterns is heated and clamped on top of a dump box or hopper, which contains the resin-refractory mixture.
    • A row of bulk hoppers dispenses organic cereals underneath a small shelf of skin-care potions.
    • Specialist buildings are not required although investment in a feed bin, augur and hoppers is usually required for the ad lib feeding system and will keep labour requirements to a minimum.
    • They crush grains, they allow grains of different sorts to flow from hoppers and it's an area in which there is still a lot to be learnt.
    • Pour your powder into the hopper, enter in your desired charge weight in grains, and press a button.
    • Features include a hydraulic extendible eight-foot stroke, a floating hopper, a self-propelled hydraulic lift, and flotation tires for easy maneuvering on rough terrain.
    • Their finding might also call into question a common industrial method for loosening materials that have become jammed together inside hoppers.
    • You can load the hopper directly, or the hose can suck mulch materials into it.
    • Steve poured the first batch into the hopper, and tilted it into the hot air chamber, also known as ‘the crucible‘.
    • The poor bloke at the head of the asbestos sheeting line I worked on emptied bags of asbestos into the hopper by hand, with no mask on.
    • One job was tipping bags of raw asbestos into a hopper for mixing.
    • On the right side of the dispenser is a valve to drain the hopper.
    • The set-up consists of a large hopper of sand placed above a rough inclined plane.
    • First off, there are three basic styles of feeders: Tubes, platforms and hoppers.
    • Evidence of the war was clear in Nick's arrival in the burned town and in the blackened hoppers.
    • At best, they had to await their turn at the food hoppers and not get in the way of their superiors.