Translation of hormone in Spanish:


hormona, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɔrˌmoʊn/ /ˈhɔːməʊn/

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    hormona feminine
    (injection) (before noun) de hormonas
    (secretion) hormonal
    • The synthetic hormones have side effects, especially liver qi stagnation and blood stagnation.
    • Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones that cause the body to produce muscle and prevent muscle breakdown.
    • The basic hormone on which all synthetic anabolic steroids are based.
    • Anabolic steroids are made with synthetic male hormones and cause more dangerous side-effects among girls than boys.
    • As your baby's born, you may be given an injection of a synthetic hormone, usually in your thigh or buttock.
    • For this reason, the synthetic hormones are technically known as ovulation inhibitors.
    • Treatment is typically with synthetic thyroid hormones, which can normalize blood pressure.
    • One recommended the usual synthetic hormones; another prescribed black cohosh and yam extract.
    • People become vegetarians for all kinds of reasons; pumping sentient animals full of hormones and making their lives hell being only one of them.
    • They could be giving hormones to the farm animals, or antibiotics, and who knows what's in their feed.
    • Doctors insert rods into their arms which release synthetic hormones that prevent the teenagers producing eggs.
    • There are no synthetic hormones, no pesticides, and no unnecessary ingredients.
    • Age, ethnicity, body mass index, and previous use of hormones had no effect on outcomes.
    • I can't say I missed bleeding, but I did feel weird about a steady diet of synthetic hormones.