Translation of horn in Spanish:


cuerno, n.

Pronunciation /hɔrn/ /hɔːn/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(of animal)

      cuerno masculine
      (with masculine article in the singular) asta feminine
      cacho masculine South America
      guampa feminine Southern Cone
      (button/handle) (before noun) de asta
      (button/handle) (before noun) de guampa Southern Cone
      • At the end of these two cows' horns are attached, and to the horns two large goat skin bellows, one each side of the furnace.
      • It is like looking at a pair of cattle horns, is it not?
      • At the town's market, I had discovered the magnificent horns of a blue sheep while examining wildlife body parts being offered for sale.
      • Male bighorn sheep with the largest horns, for instance, have the highest social rank and are more likely to mate.
      • Some specimens even sport multiple pairs of horns, between four and six inches long.
      • Here the cows were small with slender horns and the sheep quite goat-like.
      • The horns of cows and sheep grow over a bony core that resembles the horn in shape, so anything with a slightly twisted cone of rough-surfaced bone is unlikely to be human.
      • Most noticeable were two giant goat horns protruding from its head.
      • The only difference between them was the ram's horns on one's head and the goat horns on the other.
      • In contrast, both sexes of many other hoofed mammals have permanent, hollow horns.
      • Before that, ales, which were typically dark and cloudy with yeast, were served in everything from mugs and tankards to goat horns and the chalices of kings.
      • What artist would represent cattle without horns?
      • During their first cold winter, Lewis shipped a collection of skins, horns, skeletons, and prairie plants back down the Missouri.
      • At the festival itself, some of the men wear small goat horns attached to their heads, giving them a rather satyr like appearance.
      • Texas is a place where everything is bigger, the adage goes, and that's as true of our lakes as of the horns on our cattle and the tires on our pickups.
      • Pan is most often portrayed with the torso of a man, the hooved legs and twisty horns of a wild goat, and the capricious face of a human.
      • Ankole cattle, from the great lakes region of East Africa, are also bred for horn shape and size.
      • It was imperative that all ritual was accompanied by the correct type of bull according to its colour, markings and horn shape to ensure the efficacy of the ritual.
      • On his belt he carries several knives, and a ram's horn for blowing.
      • Other participants perform libation using Scotch or other similar liquor by pouring from a ram's horn.
      • In Yemen, for example, rhino horn is carved into handles used in daggers called jambiyas.
      • Throw a tax cut their way, the argument goes, and like lovers haplessly lost to the aphrodisiacal effects of ground rhino horn, they'll be putty in your hands.
      • To date we've examined over 1,000 rhino horn pills; we've never found a real one.
      • It seems the Chinese believe that this rhino's horn cures everything from lumbago to laryngitis, and they will pay anything to get it.
      • Any effects of rhino horn are almost certainly placebo effects, of which scarcity, improbability, and high cost play a part.
      • Obviously rhino horn has nothing to do with genitalia.
      • Tiger bone is used to treat arthritis and muscular atrophy, and rhino horn to treat fevers, convulsions, and delirium.
      • The same is true for the cost of rhino horn, but the whole story is even a bit more complicated.
      • The bow itself could be simply of wood or of a composite of horn or whalebone placed between two thin pieces of yew and covered in tendon, while steel bows appear from the 14th century.
      • The reference to horn and ivory show that composite bows were known, and the inclusion of yew shows they knew of this best of bow timbers.
      • One trader along the border of what are today South Africa and Botswana employed 400 African hunters in the pursuit of rhino horn.
      • We do have things like rhino horn occasionally, and tiger fur, not on a huge scale, but it still happens.
      • Based on these measurements, the horn capsule of the claw is a composite of horn produced over the past 12 to 15 months.
      • Since Viagra gets it up more reliably than powdered horn, Asia has made a quick switch, and poachers have lost market share.
      • Rhino horn is said to make men sexually unstoppable, and asparagus, bananas, eels, oysters, figs and ginseng are all reputed to get you going.
      • It must be dissolved slowly in water, over several days and then filtered to remove traces of Acacia tree bark, elephant hide and rhino horn.
      • I know this because I recently went into Gap to try on a nice grey cardigan with dark-green trim and horn buttons, mindful that this could be my key purchase for autumn 2004.
      • This netsuke of a seated deer howling at the moon stands 9.7 cm in height, and was carved in the Edo period from ivory with dark horn inlaid for eyes.
      • Hand-crafted objects are made in wood, leather, horn, metal, stone, mineral, clay, cloth, and feathers.
      • But the proteins on our outside - in skin, hair, and nail, as well as animal horn and hoof - are of a different kind.

    • 1.2(of snail)

      cuerno masculine
      • Many living animals have horns or hornlike organs; the list includes antelope, deer, chameleons, birds, and even ants.
      • And I don't want to cut off the horns of a black snail.
      • The creature within is like a huge snail with horns tipped by bright golden eyes.
      • Many of his contemporaries derided him as ‘a hesitating cow’ or ‘a bull with snail's horns.’
      • Any animal fairly bristling with long, pointed horns and spikes simply looks ready to fend off any and all would-be predators.
      • The figure was bald, and sported several horns where hair should have grown.
      • She sighed as she looked down at the water and saw not only her reflection but a figure with brown hair and horns looking into the pond as well.
      • The lad noticed the stranger's ink-black hair and the horns that grew upon his head.
      • This contrasts with the horns of artiodactyls, which have bone cores, are paired, and are located on the frontals.
      • The man has stopped to look at a slug, which has horns and a slick skin, but they only know he has stopped.
      • In some boxfishes, such as the aptly named cowfishes, the keels extend forward, beyond the body, to form sharp horns.
      • The dorsal gray horn receives incoming or afferent fibers.

  • 2

    • 2.1(wind instrument)

      cuerno masculine
      a hunting horn un cuerno / un corno / una trompa de caza
      • Around the clock, the coaches galloped down the towns' high streets with long brass horns blowing to warn pedestrians.
      • Suddenly she turned and vanished from the parapet; and all the time the sentry upon the wall blew out the long note from his brass horn.
      • It's the King coming and the sound of those who herald him with horns of brass pressed to their mouths.
      • While the voices and sometimes tonal percussion leave you in no doubt about their West African roots, the horns echo African military bands and European / American brass bands.
      • At the conclusion eight horns (led by Michelle Perry of the Empire Brass) rang out triumphantly.
      • Notes from the organ and four horns drone and mimic cathedral bells.
      • The lucky old sopranos only get blasted by the horns, which is much nicer.
      • Could the Universe be shaped like a medieval horn?
      • So she took up the euphonium, a smaller horn that is a member of the tuba family.
      • Behind the tumblers march musicians, playing early trumpets and horns.
      • At their head stood Chief Hargougha with the horn raised to his mouth.
      • Puck produces a horn, and raising it to his lips gives three blows.
      • Her grandfather's horn sounded in the hilltop brush; the hounds burst into chorus.
      • Their origins lay among the huntsmen and foresters who had long used horns, either animal or metal, as a way of communicating in wooded areas.
      • Valved horns were permitted, in the light of Wagner's own equivocation about them, joining those valved horn hybrids known as Wagner tubas.
      • Suddenly, the sharp call of a faraway horn caught the trio's attention.
      • The pandemonium - for every horn must blare - cannot be imagined.
      • With a smooth, effortless movement, the killer kicked the master's horn over the edge of the balcony where it spun into the blackness below.
      • Hounds were fed horseflesh and collected on hunt days with the sound of a horn in the street.

    • 2.2French horn

      trompa feminine
      • The encore - Le Basque - by Marin Marais, arranged for horn and piano is an absolute charmer.
      • During the summer months, she plays co-principal horn and is a featured soloist with the Capitol City Band.
      • The brass section of an orchestra typically consists of trumpets, horns, trombones, and tubas.
      • Chailly has the vast canvas within his grasp from the very opening of those horns and brass that herald the mammoth journey.
      • He uses brass - horns, in particular - recalling the grand heroic gestures of Romantic music.
      • The orchestra is most likely to be double woodwind, horns and trumpets, harp, piano, percussion and strings.
      • The NYOI is joined by the Wind Quintet of Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra which includes oboe, clarinet, horn, flute and bassoon.
      • Right at the end, horns, trumpets, trombones intone the symphony's opening phrase - we have returned full circle.
      • Peter von Winter's contribution is a Sinfonia concertante for violin, clarinet, horn, bassoon, and orchestra.
      • The scoring is for a simple classical orchestra, strings, double woodwind, four horns and two trumpets.
      • The quintet of oboe, flute, clarinet, horn and bassoon is led by Howard Nelson and will present a programme of contrasting chamber music.
      • Soft-toned trumpets and horns enter, menacing minor-key interchanges leading to high flute and muted trombones at the close.
      • And when before have clarinets and horns been so mellowly blended?
      • He transcribed them and set about making a set of 14 parts for horns, trumpets, trombones and timpani.
      • He wants to tell a joke that only horn players will really appreciate.
      • The finale is for full orchestra with unison horns and trumpets rousingly playing Purcell's theme at the end.
      • There is some lovely playing, particularly from the woodwinds, but the horns, timpani and bass line are too recessed to have the necessary impact.
      • In the afternoon the quintet, which is made up of two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba, gave a concert in Marden House.
      • There surely must have been a hint of gold in music for woodwind and horns for Mozart to have dressed his offerings in such a resplendent manner.
      • This arrangement demands an extremely colourful orchestra that includes piccolo, four horns, harp, orchestral bells, and tam-tam.

    • 2.3 slang (in jazz)

      cualquier instrumento metálico de viento
      • What You Want is a sweet love song, with some lazy Burt Bacharach style horns floating over the melody.
      • It was easy for Buddy to copy the horn riffs on the songs on his guitar.
      • The horns front a rhythm section that includes three percussionists armed with congas and bata drums, with no piano or guitar in the middle to mediate.
      • On their debut full-length, they combine syncopated ska guitars, manic horns, driving punk rhythms and frontman Tomas Kalnoky's raspy vocals.
      • Langorous horns, ticking guitars and muted keyboards have been added, sketching out long, graceful arcs of melody over the bubbling rhythms.
      • Standard beats, smooth keyboards synthesized horns and other instruments, and one repeating vocal sample is the blueprint here.
      • In almost every song there is an acoustic element of either guitar, piano, horns, or vibraphones present in the mix.
      • By the time the song proper kicks back in towards the end, everyone has melted so thoroughly that those upbeat horns and charging drums are actually a shock.
      • Byron Wallen switches between trumpet and flugelhorn, whilst Ed Jones likewise moves from soprano to tenor horns.
      • The majority of this album is built up around similar ambiences as the trio elaborate poignant melodies and impressive arrangements, complete with guitars, strings and horns.
      • A man playing his horn hid behind a wall, and quickly snapped up the change I tossed in his case.
      • I remember sitting there at the Polo Grounds, and there was a guy sitting near me in the stands blowing this mournful horn.
      • Lester has already received my billing, so I'll just start tooting Mike Megrew's horn instead.
      • At age seven, he received his first horn, a cornet.
      • Guitarist McGarvey sways backwards and forwards on his wah-wah pedal as the nine-piece band with full horn section segues seamlessly from Shaft to Bullitt.
      • He literally danced his music into being, conducting his bass players, drummers and horn section with his hips.
      • The Burr and Burton Academy band, crisp in summer whites accented with mountain green, contributes brass, drums, and horns.
      • Eventually the band bounded onstage - horns blaring, double bass pounding and trumpets proclaiming that yes indeed, the mighty Skatalites had arrived.
      • Another veteran Etoiles hero, Syran Mbenza, adds in the gently rousing guitar solos, while horns, violin and accordion provide the backing.
      • They're textbooks on how strings, horns, brass, rhythm and vocal should be laid down.

  • 3

    Motor Vehicles claxon masculine
    Motor Vehicles bocina feminine
    Nautical sirena feminine
    • Car drivers use their horns to signal their support.
    • In Beijing the sounding of car horns is the exception, rather than the rule while Shanghainese seem to hardly ever take their hand off the klaxon button.
    • In the third frame, the two clubs combined for four goals before the horn sounded to signal the end of the game.
    • He sounded his warning horn, but Sgt Moodie's only response was to turn his back to the oncoming train.
    • The bus driver sounded his horn, whereupon the car driver deliberately reduced his speed and delayed the progress of the bus.
    • The pilot initiated an emergency descent after a warning horn sounded when the plane reached its cruising height of 32,000 ft.
    • A horn sounded, signalling the arrival of Peter's opponent.
    • Cameron stepped on the gas harder, honked the horn to warn a group of teenagers who were considering stepping onto the road right in front of him.
    • Jill sped past, cursing at the horns honking behind her.
    • Another time, Li just couldn't get her car to start up at an intersection when the light turned green, leaving a whole line of vehicles blaring their horns behind her.
    • I must have spaced out, because before I knew it there was a great blare of horns behind me.
    • A horn blasted behind Adam and he eased off the brake.
    • He exclaimed to himself before someone behind him honked their horn.
    • As she was trying to clean up the mess, using a box of tissues, she heard the honking of a horn behind her.
    • The car behind you blasts its horn because you let a pedestrian finish crossing.
    • They hold the moment for a little longer, not noticing the light turning green until a horn sounds from behind.
    • I jumped when I heard a horn honk behind me and spun around, as a familiar black car pulled up.
    • We were in the middle of kissing when a car horn blasted behind us.
    • I had tooted my horn to warn a cyclist that I was behind him.
    • In the distance, horns sounded as the royal army began riding out from behind the castle walls.
  • 4

    (drinking vessel)
    cuerno masculine
    cacho masculine South America
    guampa feminine Southern Cone
    • Horns are used as butter dishes and large horns as cups for drinking mead.
    • Drink was taken in horns, similarly decorated and sometimes with metal tips and rims.
    • My current practice goes far better when I've had a couple of bottles / horns of beer or cider.
    • I watched his hands, tipping measured amounts of powder from a pewter horn, tapping in a ball and wad with a short ramrod.
    • The soldier blinked repeatedly and then raised his horn to his lips.
    • He has raised a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David, as he promised through holy prophets long ago.
    • Then he grabbed his ration pack, gunpowder horn, and bullet bag.