Translation of hose in Spanish:


manguera, n.

Pronunciation /hoʊz/ /həʊz/

Definition of manguera in Spanish


  • 1

    manguera feminine
    manga feminine
    Motor Vehicles manguito masculine
    a fire hose una manguera contra incendios
    • Than remove the drain hose from the drain line and place it, along with the inlet water hoses into the tube.
    • Many have taken to hiding their garden hoses or to watering plants after dark so that few questions are asked.
    • Water and fertilizer are dispersed to the plants via hoses, Y-connections and drip pins.
    • Water and air are pumped at high pressure through hoses to a manifold to which the flexible hoses, which lead to the lances, are connected.
    • At Coggeshall fire station, firefighters and their families swapped fire hoses for car wash hoses and brushes for their sponsored car wash.
    • Flexible hoses deteriorate over time; wipe them with a dry rag to see if there is an odor of gasoline.
    • Mound soil into foot-tall beds, then lay drip tubing or soaker hoses down the center.
    • Tankers have to use floating hoses to connect with a single buoy mooring, which channel oil through subsea hoses to the pipelines.
    • To make the clean up of large pots easier, Mattison has one oversized, deep sink and a faucet with a pullout nozzle and a flexible hose.
    • Rainwater is far more beneficial for plants than water from your hose.
    • A soaker hose waters the base of every plant, thereby minimizing black spot and mildew problems that often arise from wetting the leaves.
    • Control the pests by blasting them from the plants with a strong jet of water from the hose and, if necessary, following up with insecticidal soap.
    • As a last touch, I usually turn my water hose to a fine mist and give all my new plants a nice clean shower.
    • At least 75 firefighters were using three hoses, three ground monitors and two aerial monitors at the scene at the height of the blaze.
    • Firefighters used their hoses to clear oil from the road before it was reopened.
    • Last week, Rous Water banned the use of sprinklers, soaker hoses and fixed hoses.
    • Along the way, we passed a fire fighter using a hose to soak smouldering roots with water.
    • The firefighters played their hoses over the blaze with no real effect, knowing the fire would have to burn itself out.
    • For the moment the vegetables are watered by means of a hose, but a sprinkler system is in the process of being installed, funded by Region 4.
    • Water left in the hoses can freeze and expand, causing faucets and connecting pipes inside your home to freeze and break.
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    • 2.1dated (socks)

      calcetines masculine
      medias feminine Latin America
      a pair of gentlemen's hose un par de calcetines de caballero
      • He was clad in a royal-looking doublet, hose and an over-tunic, which bore a crest.
      • Get sexy and lean for night with black fishnet hose as favored by Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent.
      • If so, should you wear hose with them or brave the cold?
      • Thinking some more, I think you should definitely go without the hose.
      • Well, one day I decided to wear the hose with a pair slacks to work.
      • What they thought of a young woman wearing mud splattered boots and hose, her hair plaited like a child's and in sore need of a bath, I did not know.
      • She panted as she struggled out of her heels and hose.
      • Pale pink toenails were visible through translucent hose.

    • 2.2History Theatre

      calzas feminine
      malla feminine

    • 2.3US

transitive verb

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    (lawn/plants) (con manguera) regar
    • The carcasses are then hosed with hot water and sprayed with vinegar.
    • Surf lifesavers removed the 60 centimetre shark by hosing it with fresh water.
    • You sit down, stand up or lie on a table as you are hosed with warm sea water in places that help your circulation, or in some cases simply make you giggle.
    • Mr Armstrong hosed him down with water until firefighters and paramedics arrived.
    • Prerinse clothing outdoors by spraying or hosing it; or presoak it in a suitable container such as a large bucket or tub; or use the prewash cycle of an automatic washer, with detergent.
    • Garbage cans should be hosed regularly and sprayed with disinfectant to eliminate odors, as well as emptied often.
    • The entire area can be hosed out with the water and dirt draining into a trough behind the rear seats.
    • When the streets are hosed down and saturated participants have left, normality will resume for another year.
    • Then they made us strip, hosed us down with cold water, and sprayed us with a delousing powder.
    • The eco warriors received a frosty reception from staff - one of them hosing the protesters down with cold water.
    • We removed the doors and the hotplates and everything that would detach, soaked them in acids and then hosed them down.
    • Something else you should add to your list of helpful household hints is to turn the water off while you're not actually hosing the car.
    • All this while shops in the CBD were wasting thousands of litres hosing the footpath.
    • He claims that the pesticide Deosan Deosect was being hosed directly into the salmon pens, a substance which is banned in the marine environment as it is acutely toxic to aquatic life.
    • Walls, stalls and cubicles needs to be hosed frequently.
    • A rocket fired from a balcony signalled the fight's end one hour later, after which giddy participants hosed each other clean.
    • She was squatting inside the trailer, which had a slick fiberglass coating so it could be easily hosed out.
    • Construction workers had to be hosed off and treated for breathing problems after a chemical leak.
    • The pavement was hosed down and all of the glue was removed.
    • Sweep up winter debris, and hose or pressure-wash as necessary.
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    (car) (con manguera) lavar