Translation of hospital in Spanish:


hospital, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑˌspɪdl/ /ˈhɒspɪt(ə)l/

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    hospital masculine
    nosocomio masculine formal
    (treatment/service) (before noun) hospitalario
    to be in the hospital estar en el hospital
    • to be in hospital estar en el hospital
    • he's going to have to go into the hospital lo van a tener que ingresar
    • he's going to have to go into hospital lo van a tener que ingresar
    • hospital administration administración hospitalaria
    • hospital doctor médico de hospital
    • hospital management dirección hospitalaria
    • hospital nurse enfermera de hospital
    • hospital porter camillero
    • My doctor has referred me to the eye clinic at the local hospital for surgical treatment.
    • The medical wards of hospitals admit the oldest and sickest people in our community.
    • Neath is a smaller hospital with a busy medical intake but no acute surgical services.
    • The injured were still undergoing intensive care at two hospitals in the city.
    • For adult critical care, star ratings do not reflect the quality of clinical care provided by hospitals.
    • However, trying to get this information from primary care trusts or hospitals is very difficult.
    • Evidence also exists that the quality of such care in hospitals and general practices is inadequate.
    • It gets harder to manage your medication, so people end up in managed care and hospitals.
    • They thus become nursing homes rather than hospitals, so that many patients cannot be safely discharged to them.
    • The situation in relation to MRSA in nursing homes and hospitals is still under control, however.
    • There are four hospitals and five medical clinics in Kuta and the nearby Balinese capital of Denpasar.
    • Four hospitals provide emergency care in the cities of Manchester and Salford.
    • Comparatively little is known about the prevalence of medical error outside hospitals.
    • Seven other people were injured and admitted to nearby hospitals for treatment.
    • She had been given three weeks of antiretroviral treatment by the hospital in Bergen.
    • The emphasis of government health care policy is to move care away from hospitals into the community.
    • The data is converted to rates that measure how well the hospitals care for their patients.
    • After a long period of treatment in three hospitals he convalesced in Richmond Park.
    • Not all hospitals and healthcare facilities offer palliative care services.
    • The money raised has been used to fund care teams based at all major cancer treatment hospitals in the UK.