Traducción de hotchpotch en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈhɑtʃˌpɑtʃ/ /ˈhɒtʃpɒtʃ/


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    • By combining a hodgepodge of miscellaneous claims with no apparent context, the author has created a scary image of impending doom.
    • After three years of political stalemate, the governing party and the opposition - a hodgepodge of small political parties, business leaders and student groups - are finally sitting down at the negotiating table.
    • The locally based Cancer Research Society, one of a hodgepodge of Canadian anti-cancer groups, receives no government cash and raises $11-million a year to figure out how to beat the disease.
    • This corporate milieu suits the man who convinced a hodgepodge of individuals, corporations and governments to join him in raising the cash to construct a new space to accommodate Calgary's burgeoning theatre scene.
    • The group creates a sort of subversive performance art, with a hodgepodge of unorthodox and sometimes silly scientific projects commissioned to expose the inadequacies and evils of modern biotech research.
    • Besides, what person - religious or not - would accept that her belief system is a hodgepodge of ‘truths and fallacies?’
    • So the cabinet has wound up consisting of a hodgepodge of people of different ideologies who find it virtually impossible to build team spirit.
    • The result is a system that is a hodgepodge of mostly public ownership and some private, without any clear direction from government.
    • The decor is a hodgepodge of retro furniture and bistro posters, and it hasn't really settled on what vibe it wants to send to customers.
    • He oversees a hodgepodge of intelligence agencies, but he doesn't have the authority to hire or fire agency heads.
    • We're like a hodgepodge of colored jellybeans all in one big jar!
    • The eclectic set dressings and costumes call to mind a hodgepodge of charmingly cheesy pop moments.
    • The villa itself is a hotchpotch of classical bits and bobs (‘fragments of ancient marble… stuck into the walls like nuts in nougat ’, as Chatwin puts it).
    • The main shopping thoroughfares of Lord, Church, and Bold Streets, achieve, in spite of a dearth of any really good buildings, and a hotchpotch of eccentric styles, quite a pleasing effect.
    • A nationalised corporation, Amtrak, runs all the trains on tracks owned by a hotchpotch of companies (again the effective reverse of the British situation).
    • Now, for the simplest act of finding a phone number from a finite list, we are faced with a hotchpotch of different companies, all charging different amounts, all applying different conditions.
    • The content is currently a hotchpotch of what is available (for free), and what a variety of educational institutions around the country can rustle up.
    • Overshadowed by the Minster, the largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe, York is a hotchpotch of narrow, cobbled lanes and medieval alleyways.
    • Opting for the latest trend every year can result in a hotchpotch of investments too heavily exposed to a particular risk in the economy.
    • This is a truly dreadful movie, a hotchpotch of historical inaccuracies and romantic fiction.