Translation of house-sit in Spanish:


cuidar una casa, v.

Pronunciation /ˈhaʊsˌsɪt/

intransitive verb house-sitting, house-sat, house-sat

  • 1

    (en ausencia de los dueños) cuidar una casa
    • But, by a quirk of fate, she had agreed to house-sit for a friend in the north of the Caribbean island and, although the roof was blown off, they were unhurt.
    • When there's absolutely no one at home, Papa house-sits for us, since he lives right down the hall, which would be the reason why I called him.
    • Our children no longer live in Thailand, so we have nobody to house-sit for us.
    • They may be more keen to organise the insurances or holidays for themselves, but they sure as heck need us to clean, iron and house-sit.
    • I just saw a flyer posted at the law school; a recent law school graduate is looking for a house to house-sit.
    • We talked about Rosie's job and how she's coming down to London for a week to unwind a little after organising her move - and also to house-sit for us while we're away.
    • His neighbour goes on holiday, and Danielle shows up to house-sit.
    • I was going to house-sit for her when she went out of town, so she was showing me where the bird food was, etc.
    • The couple originally came from Scotland and had only come to the Selby area to house-sit for the complainant's parents.
    • Have someone you trust watch your home or apartment, or house-sit while you are away.
    • I do go away a lot and have invited various people to house-sit and look after the cat.
    • Letters and gifts abound while Angélique house-sits for the summer and pursues an Art scholarship.
    • Kirk house-sits for them but is distracted by his pretty new girlfriend.
    • I'd go back in the summers and house-sit for a family, and I'd work at Battleground Country Club cleaning clubs, helping around the shop, putting bags on carts.
    • Why don't you phone your Ma and get her to house-sit?
    • When they hired someone to house-sit, they meant business.
    • Corrie had opted to go with Ryder to the supermarket while Harry remained behind to house-sit.
    • I had totally forgotten about this, but my neighbors asked me to house-sit this weekend.
    • When I was a kid my family used to spend occasional summer weeks in London, house-sitting for some friends.
    • The boys are in their rooms and Michelle has been house-sitting for a friend this past week.