Translation of howling in Spanish:


huracanado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhaʊlɪŋ/

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  • 1

    (gale/storm) huracanado
    a howling wilderness un paraje inhóspito
    • I've cut out the audio track because it was just the sound of howling wind - so it's just nice pretty pictures.
    • Even in the impregnable fortress that was Robert Inglewood's twenty-fifth floor office on Greene Avenue, the sounds of the howling wind and pounding rain were deafening.
    • The walls screamed with the cold and harsh sound of the howling winds.
    • For a second I thought I heard my name, then the sound of a low howling wind.
    • Over the sound of howling wind an animal cry could be heard, followed by ferocious roaring.
    • The sound of the howling waves: the bravest winds and the seagulls above my head made me realize that I was numb in not only my actions - but also my mind.
    • The wind rushed past my ears, causing a howling sound.
    • She heard a strange howling sound in the hills one night.
    • The howling sound grows louder as we approach the gate: there is a full moon tonight.
    • She took shelter in Aros Bay, near Tobermory, but during the night her anchor chain parted and she drifted down the sound, driven 10 miles by howling winds and strong tides.
    • Sound effects come through nicely, such as the howling wind on the mountain or the crunch of footsteps in the snow and ice.
    • Silence was broken by howling winds so shrill they sounded like the shrieks of dying people.
    • High-register electronic tones ring out as Minton provides a howling jungle of sound effects, and the noise eventually builds up and then sputters out.
    • These fans move a truckload of air, but the catch is the tearing, howling sound that owners of highspeed fans will be familiar with.
    • Then an unearthly, spooky, almost howling sound joined it.
    • It whistled around the corners, making an eerie howling sound.
    • She tells him about the strange howling sounds she heard outside.
    • A thunderous roar rent the arrow's howling passage, the sound carrying the taint of pain.
    • Then came a terrible howling sound, the sound of the earth being torn from itself.
    • It's got howling vocals that sound like they were recorded inside a volcano.
  • 2 informal

    it was a howling success tuvo un éxito clamoroso
    • howling error error garrafal
    • Naturally the job goes howlingly wrong, but Frenchy's cookies, initially set up as a front, become a howling success.
    • And it's like driving without having to do the driving: You'd think that America's train system would be a howling success.
    • The reality genre took a giant step toward the mainstream with the howling success of this show's first season in summer 2000.
    • Wimbledon is a howling success every year, so is the London Marathon.
    • Shocking though it is to hear of locals spitting into the gutter, the descent into howling barbarism is being quite successfully checked.