Translation of hula hoop in Spanish:

hula hoop

hula-hoop, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhulə ˌhup/ /ˈhuːləhuːp/

Definition of hula-hoop in Spanish


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    hula-hoop masculine
    • You've got the Heavy Hoop, a three-pound hula hoop designed by a personal trainer.
    • But it's like asking people in plastics research why the hula hoop was successful.
    • Like the yo-yo, the hula hoop, and the Mohican haircut, vehicle fads come and go.
    • Choose a toy you remember from your childhood - such as a hula hoop, wooden airplane, or red wagon.
    • The hula hoop, the pet rock, the gaudy light-up millennium-commemorating T-shirt: One day's treasure, tomorrow's thrift store trash.
    • Now the camera is looking up at the man, focussed on his crotch as he rhythmically rotates his hips to keep the hula hoop in motion.
    • It's enormous, like a stainless-steel hula hoop.
    • But Gill hasn't got a hula hoop, nor does he even need one.
    • While I was gone, my son sprouted two more teeth and learned to pull himself up in his crib and my daughter learned to do the hula hoop.
    • But I rather like my body image, and I reckon I would be sorted if I just got a hula hoop to firm up my stomach muscles.
    • Her performance specialty is the hula hoop and she's also a fire dancer.
    • He began running around the bases, which were a lawn chair, a bush, a hula hoop, and a tree.
    • Boffins have transformed the humble hula hoop into the must-have leisure accessory of the new millennium.
    • Rick shrugged and continued throwing the hula hoop to a guy May had never seen before.
    • Yes, I do know how to use a Hula-Hoop the right way - though I'm not too good at it!