Translation of hullabaloo in Spanish:


barullo, n.

Pronunciation /ˌhələbəˈlu/ /ˈhələbəˌlu/ /ˌhʌləbəˈluː/

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  • 1

    barullo masculine
  • 2

    jaleo masculine informal
    escándalo masculine
    to raise a hullabaloo armar un escándalo
    • We instantly remembered the whole hullabaloo around the release of the alien autopsy tapes back in 1995 and the controversy it caused world-wide.
    • For example, remember the hullabaloo about the so-called ‘Mozart effect’ a few years ago.
    • Conservative columnists have had a field day pointing to the Harvard hullabaloo as a sign of runaway political correctness at elite universities.
    • Much hullabaloo has been made of independent internet sites and bloggers scooping the mainstream media in breaking stories and battering it to death with fact checking.
    • When the hullabaloo was over, a leader revealed that it was just a casual chat on the political developments.
    • There is very little point in them creating a whole hullabaloo about it.
    • Take the hullabaloo about the shooting party, reported to include the Duke of Edinburgh, which shot some pheasant on the Sandringham estate in view of some schoolchildren.
    • Another Los Angeles resident Joe Malkin said, ‘I couldn't understand what all the hullabaloo was about.’
    • During the hullabaloo of that time, public support for Delta Team quickly dissolved and its equipment and troops were scattered in the wind.
    • Free trade does not lower wages or cause persistent unemployment There is nothing new in the current hullabaloo about free trade, jobs, and trade deficits.
    • I've enjoyed your coverage of the recent hullabaloo over the book on ecofascism that I co-authored and its misuse by Senator Brandis.
    • Somewhere in the hullabaloo, she got to thinking, ‘Why do we do this, anyway?’
    • The hullabaloo following this seemed to unsettled Laois who appeared to lose their concentration, and this very nearly proved to be their undoing.
    • When a new car is launched - especially one as important to the North-East as this one - it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by the corporate hullabaloo.
    • But the festivities will be cut abruptly short by the anniversary, which Hoboken will mark in a manner far more sombre and sober than the hullabaloo over the river.
    • Unfortunately, the neighbours create a hullabaloo into the small hours, which has made getting to sleep very bothersome.
    • You can imagine the hullabaloo in the press, right?
    • But I'll tell you what, I don't get what all the hullabaloo is about with her.
    • So what's the entire hullabaloo about, many tend to ask.