Translation of human in Spanish:


humano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈ(h)jumən/ /ˈhjuːmən/

Definition of humano in Spanish


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    (body/mind/voice) humano
    the human race la raza humana
    • to form a human chain formar una cadena humana
    • to use sb as a human shield usar a algn de escudo
    • I'm only human (todos) somos humanos
    • it's only human to want what you can't have es natural y humano desear lo que no se puede tener
    • what she lacks is the human touch lo que le falta es calor humano
    • The human body and mind work according to the nature's laws, which are eternal, and immutable.
    • There, among the babbling minds of the incompetent human race, was my beloved Farrell.
    • It constantly amazes me how the minds of the human race in general work, or cease to work, as the case may be.
    • The human body and mind are more flexible than engines and batteries.
    • We need to have a much richer account of the way in which the human mind and body operate together in the complex activity we know as sex.
    • Understanding this logic, they believed, might unlock our understanding of how the human mind works.
    • This went so far that certain authors considered the human races to be different species.
    • The Enlightenment assumes that knowledge is objective, good and accessible to the human mind.
    • The human mind cannot tolerate the spectre of waste presented by the possibility of chicanery without detection.
    • The slide show and the model of a human body facilitated better understanding.
    • Similarly, it is irrational to consider undeveloped human bodies as if they were fully developed ones.
    • Even in the most passive form, the energy requirements of a human body are considerable.
    • This is rather my thoughts and feelings concerning what has happened and what we as a human race need to consider next.
    • To understand my point, you first need to take a moment to consider the human body.
    • Our understanding of how the human body was made up was now much more comprehensive.
    • There are no simple formulae for understanding the human mind and how it develops.
    • But I consider the human body to be more like the sensitive engine of a fine sports car.
    • The next thing we need to understand is how the human race is meant to move forward towards these ideals.
    • Galen had worked mainly on Barbary apes, considered closest to the human race.
    • It is this characteristic of the human mind which makes an appeal to force necessary.


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    ser humano masculine