Translation of humane in Spanish:


humanitario, adj.

Pronunciation /(h)juˈmeɪn/ /hjʊˈmeɪn/

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    (person/treatment/values) humanitario
    (person/treatment/values) humano
    the humane society la sociedad benéfica / humanitaria
    • These were the sort of things that tend to blur the clear perception of the visionary - troublesome motes like compassion and humane understanding and social concern.
    • She assured him that she and her colleagues would adopt a compassionate and humane approach to all such cases.
    • A new understanding of animal rights and humane animal treatment was what led him to become an activist and environmentalist, Mason said.
    • You might also be interested to know that there has been a survey done to determine how much the public cares about humane treatment of the animals they use for food.
    • The humane treatment of the animals was also a major priority.
    • For me the ban, when implemented, will represent a step towards a more humane treatment of wild animals.
    • How long should humane people tolerate that treatment and do nothing?
    • One of its top priorities, the company says, is the humane treatment of animals.
    • Therefore, they have rights of dignity, humane treatment, access to legal advice, and even correspondence.
    • Generally, people who are astrologers or consult astrologers are humane, compassionate, insightful people, by and large.
    • I have full faith that our scientists will go forward with a moral compass - with humane values and sound ethics guiding the way.
    • We should aspire, along with being world champions in the sporting arena, to being the most humane and compassionate people on this planet.
    • Could we not have protected our borders in more humane and compassionate ways?
    • Esther's indomitable humane compassion drives her to risk her own life to oppose narrow and violent evil.
    • Qualitatively speaking, there may even be something compassionate and humane in it.
    • The Council will at all times act in a humane and compassionate fashion.
    • It takes away all things that makes humans humane - tolerance, trust, generosity and compassion.
    • One thing I do understand is that the more you try and push people into a more humane and understanding approach the more they tend to dig in their heels.
    • It means the animal was raised under a specific set of protocols for humane treatment.
    • Should we protest, now, for the humane treatment of prisoners?