Translation of humanity in Spanish:


humanidad, n.

Pronunciation /(h)juˈmænədi/ /hjʊˈmanɪti/

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    humanidad feminine
    crimes against humanity crímenes contra la humanidad
    • If the tape is as described, this seems a clear case of a crime against humanity.
    • She has charged the former general with crimes against humanity and violations of the laws or customs of war.
    • Those charges were expected to include war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.
    • Is there any evidence that either of these men were actually complicit in crimes against humanity?
    • It is recognised as a crime against humanity under international law.
    • What were once considered acts of war can now be deemed crimes against humanity.
    • Combining astrology with psychology is one way we can help our clients and another way for us to better understand humanity.
    • Nevertheless one cannot help but be stunned not only by the wonder of the universe but by how humanity has come to understand it.
    • Some thirty thousand years ago, at the time considered the dawn of humanity, five races were dominant.
    • I hope that most of humanity will someday understand, but that is not who I'm talking to right now.
    • We believe it is the duty of everyone who cares about humanity to stand up and build the resistance to this barbarous war.
    • So, why is it that the organs which we use to procreate humanity are considered improper to expose to others?
    • Serving humanity through compassion and serving humanity through compulsion are two different things.
    • We may have obligations to all humanity but we have a much more special relationship with fellow citizens.
    • The day that we lose compassion for our fellow human beings will be a sad day indeed for humanity.
    • He considered it central to the adaptation of modern humanity to changing social realities.
    • It is time to put petty partisan politics aside, and unite for the common good of humanity.
    • Many today question the ability of humanity to deal with the problems that arise as part of the industrial process.
    • A new historical era has begun and its outcome will determine the fate of humanity for decades to come.
    • That is the sort of behaviour that gets humanity into trouble, time and time again.