Translation of humbug in Spanish:


patrañas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhəmˌbəɡ/ /ˈhʌmbʌɡ/

See Spanish definition of farsante


  • 1

    • 1.1(nonsense)

      patrañas feminine
      paparruchas feminine informal
      • Our mean-minded monarchists really are a bunch of humourless humbugs.
      • Is he a journalist for whom the principles of his profession override everything else, or is he a complete humbug who has lied to protect a source of information for a story which led to him winning an award for journalism?
      • He shows no signs of worry that the company he keeps may mark him as a stonking humbug.
      • From most of the preachers and all the humbugs they expect nothing else.
      • It would be humbug to pretend that authors at literary festivals have their minds on higher things than selling books.
      • This obesity debate is full of humbug and denial.
      • He said: ‘It's definitely a case of humbug on the council's part.’
      • Some environmentalists agree, but many of us think it's dangerous humbug.
      • I can see in their teachings nothing but humbug, untainted by any trace of truth.

    • 1.2(person)

      farsante masculine, feminine
      embaucador masculine
      embaucadora feminine

  • 2British

    caramelo de menta a rayas blancas y negras (sweet)
    • The best buys include coffee beans, chocolate, mint humbugs and, of course, clotted cream shortbread.
    • Pulled candy can be made from a plain sugar syrup, as in humbugs.
    • With coffee and humbugs, lunch tends to drift well into tea-time.
    • As part of her enterprise she shipped nostalgic English confection like humbugs and aniseed balls, to Navy men, tossing on the high seas.
    • Aniseed balls originated as digestifs; humbugs developed from medieval cold cures; liquorice was thought good for coughs.

transitive verb humbugging, humbugged, humbugged

  • 1

    camelar informal
    • Bad information and bad guesses occasionally humbugged both, which they overcame by determination and the fighting qualities of their forces.