Translation of hung up in Spanish:

hung up


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    to be hung up about sth/sb/-ing
    to be hung up on sbinformal estar chiflado por algn
    • ‘We are deeply hung up about what we look like, about what we eat, about what we can and cannot change about ourselves,’ she says.
    • While rolling his eyes, he scoffed, ‘You aren't still hung up about that are you?
    • ‘Tell me what you were so hung up about,’ she said, turning to face him.
    • Colors were a bit flat, but overall had a nice tonality to them - deep browns and blacks, a bit shadowy in interior scenes, but nothing to get hung up about.
    • It's really not something I'd get hung up about.
    • Some parents get a little too hung up about how their kids perform on the field.
    • I've tried not to get hung up about it, because I'm not an impersonator, so for me, it's all just the fun of it.
    • But next time you get hung up about any of this, remember that time might change this relationship anyway.
    • As a society, we're all too hung up about weight anyway.
    • Maybe I should not get so hung up about having to finish something.
    • For me, a better life would be a world where musicians are really appreciated and people don't get so hung up about being cool.
    • I was encouraged to concentrate on my delivery and perfect my technique rather than get hung up about the jack or bowl.
    • Travis just smiled and said, ‘I told you were hung up about a girl.’
    • Rocky wasn't really hung up about fashion, but these uniforms were bad.
    • It's funny that, while we don't even know what intelligence is, we still get hung up about it, just like all of our little physical insecurities.
    • I don't get too hung up about business, I don't take it that seriously.
    • I've known Tyler since ninth grade, and I've never seen him so hung up about a girl.
    • Mum was very hung up about sex and men in general and said I really shouldn't have sex until I was married.
    • To make such judgements, you need knowledge of the past - but don't get hung up about it.
    • Bloggers who get hung up over audience size are still thinking in mass-media terms.
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    Motor Vehicles
    to be hung up estar en un atasco
    • we got hung up on the interstate nos metimos en un atasco en la carretera nacional