Translation of hunter in Spanish:


cazador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhən(t)ər/ /ˈhʌntə/

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    • 1.1(person)

      cazador masculine
      cazadora feminine
      • She is also hoping that the fox which killed her chickens could be hunted down by local hunters and shot before it kills other people's animals.
      • Though different hunters may share any given place, no two hunters hunt and fish in exactly the same set of places.
      • Yes, turkey hunters love to hunt and are willing to spend serious money in this growing market.
      • Some believe that big cats are the obvious choice for hunters who wish to hunt big game with dogs.
      • In their isolated homeland, the dodoes experienced no animal predators or human hunters to bother them for many years.
      • During last year's aerial wolf hunt, hunters in Alaska killed 144 wolves.
      • While a majority of hunters prefer to hunt in a group for the experience and camaraderie, many choose to hunt alone, and oftentimes in remote areas.
      • Paintings of hunters and hunting have been made ever since.
      • Hikers pay to hike, and in the fall, elk hunters pay to hunt.
      • Without condemning hunters or hunting, my life simply took me in a different direction.
      • Most hunters claim they hunt for the thrill of the chase and not the kill.
      • There's plenty of public land in this country where hunters can hunt.
      • Most of the animals living in the surrounding area were those that were being hunted, not the hunter.
      • It was likely that he had done such a thing many times before - he was a hunter, and hunting took patience.
      • The researchers say archaeological and fossil evidence strongly suggests that ancient hunters pushed the animals to extinction.
      • The people who painted these animals were hunters and they knew their prey well.
      • We mammals come in four types: lone hunters, pack hunters, herds and scavengers.
      • If bred for fieldwork, English setters are big-running hunters whose handlers ride horses to keep their dogs in sight.
      • In Scotland, most hunters are Border Collies who've been trained to bark on command.
      • With running, they are returning to their ancestral roots as hunters, herders, retrievers and sled pullers.

    • 1.2(horse)

      caballo de caza masculine
      • Today, the Cleveland has established itself as a heavy hunter able to jump out of clay almost from a standstill.
      • In hunters the horses are judged on form over fences and when they jump from a comfortable distance their form is shown off the best.
      • This horse was a hunter, and would easily manage the hilly countryside.
      • Wills was an incredible hunter, western performance horse, and dressage horse.
      • In addition to her success with racehorses, she owned many champion hunters.

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    (con tapa metálica) reloj de bolsillo masculine