Translation of hunting ground in Spanish:

hunting ground

tierras de caza, n.


  • 1

    (for hunters)
    tierras de caza feminine
    cazadero masculine
    • Because of the loss of their former hunting grounds, birds of prey are now forced to raid back gardens where their quarry, pre-occupied with feeding, fall easy victims.
    • Both sportsmen and hide hunters could easily reach the hunting grounds and once there, range freely without worry.
    • Well into the second half of the century optimistic sportsmen cherished the goal of discovering virgin hunting grounds, filled with animals that had not yet learned to fear men with firearms.
    • So whenever people come over here to hunt buffalo, they can have our hunting grounds.
    • By the twelfth century A.D., landowners distributed salt licks to attract deer, a technique so effective that the emperors subsequently forbade it except on sovereign hunting grounds.
    • As quail hunting grew in popularity across the South, one rural Alabama county captured the sporting world's attention and lured the rich and famous to its legendary hunting grounds.
    • Evelyn shook her head, ‘We could be trespassing on someone's hunting grounds and you are out here having a picnic!’
    • Different animals rove through their hunting grounds.
    • However, many of the Indians who had lived freely for generations were unwilling to share, sell, or abandon their hunting grounds.
    • Both were royal hunting grounds in medieval times, but earlier settlement is attested by later prehistoric farmsteads and occasional hillforts.
    • Already, smaller ice packs have reduced hunting grounds for polar bears, leaving some dangerously underweight.
    • He criss-crossed the range again, this time visiting the banks and hedgerows and the patches of uncultivated scrub that once had been his best hunting grounds.
    • Native Americans fought against the US Army in the nineteenth century to maintain autonomy and protect their traditional hunting grounds.
    • Four years later, however, these same voters worried more about losing their guns than their hunting grounds.
    • Their hunting grounds and game preserves are being disturbed and their food supply both diminished and rendered uncertain.
    • Deprived of their hunting grounds by the new mode of production, they had, at the same time, become dependent upon its products.
    • This animal is intelligent, seeing if she is a threat, protecting its hunting grounds, or near by lair.
    • The cool clear waters off this coast at this time of year are ideal hunting grounds for great white sharks, who are visual predators.
    • After the game wandered to the other side of the waterhole, we trotted them back to our own hunting grounds.
    • This is one of her usual hunting grounds; there was usually always easy prey here.
  • 2

    (for collectors, researchers)
    street markets are a good hunting ground for antiques los mercados callejeros son un buen lugar para buscar antigüedades