Translation of hustings in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhəstɪŋz/ /ˈhʌstɪŋz/

plural noun

  • 1

    the hustings la tribuna / la palestra de la campaña electoral
    • He also supported the concept of the American free trade area in the Senate but now, on the hustings, is campaigning for protectionism to safeguard American jobs.
    • Two things have characterized the ongoing political campaigns for this year's general election since politicians went on the hustings last year.
    • There's no question that we've been in the doldrums for a while, we're all keen and passionate to get into the new year, an election year and to get out there on the hustings fighting for those things that we believe in.
    • If Labour wins the election, the chancellor will be back on the hustings urging us to sign up to the European Union constitution.
    • It promised to be ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’, though on the hustings, and during its first months in office, it was the first part of this populist equation that was emphasized.
    • But with less than two years remaining to the next election, I doubt an eight committee supergroup could get an agreement to do much before politicians are back on the hustings again.
    • As we move towards the end of this Parliament, with questions finishing today and people doing valedictory speeches, people are looking forward to getting out on the hustings.
    • I think we can expect to see them on the hustings soon.
    • Should they be re-elected it will also help lock them into a good position, should they come out against privatization on the hustings this year or next.
    • The next hardest is going on the hustings to promote it.
    • They can sit there and smile, point, and carry on, but they know they do not have anything to go out and sell on the hustings, and that their people are just as disappointed.
    • When members go around this country on the hustings this year, people will acknowledge that this Government has delivered for rural New Zealand.
    • The point though is that the president is out on the hustings spouting what in common English we call a ‘lie’.
    • Meanwhile, back on the hustings the law-and-order brigade has apparently got all the answers to our street crime problems.
    • This is the party that is going out on the hustings now and saying that when it comes to superannuation and social things, it can keep its word.
    • With the federal election looming, the political leaders have been out on the hustings and the ads are coming thick and fast.
    • On the hustings, each party's platform touches on a few economic issues.
    • Well, I am looking forward to being on the hustings and arguing about that.
    • An election is here again and the political parties are on the hustings.
    • That is the sort of integrity that will be challenged on the hustings, believe you me.