Translation of hydrant in Spanish:


boca de riego, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhaɪdrənt/ /ˈhʌɪdr(ə)nt/


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    boca de riego feminine
    toma de agua feminine
    hidrante masculine Central America, Colombia
    • Strewn across the street were the bodies of policemen and firemen; a hose snaked down the street from a hydrant out of sight, spouting water with nobody to man it.
    • Outside on the streets the water hydrants dribbled miserably after entertaining shrieking Hispanic kids all day long in exuberant gushes.
    • The fire brigade was called and tackled the blaze using water from street hydrants.
    • During both fires, which occurred simultaneously at 11pm on Friday, firemen faced a severe shortage of water, leaking hoses and dry hydrants.
    • A method for inspecting the integrity of a water pipeline system is disclosed wherein water hydrants can be used to access the system.
    • Originally, extinguishing systems included hydrants and standpipes to assist manual efforts.
    • Therefore, water can still be drawn from external sources such as hydrants, pipes, and wells.
    • The buried valve allowing them to drain and avoid freezing can allow bacterially contaminated water to be drawn into the riser pipe leading to the hydrant.
    • The fire hydrants at the complex were too old to provide enough water pressure so fire crews tapped into a 12-inch main nearby.
    • Inadequate water pressure from the District's hydrants could be putting lives at risk.
    • Up the street, other kids had turned on the hydrant.
    • The hydrants were not working and the hoses the fire officers were using to extinguish the blaze were riddled with holes.
    • In 1985, we installed buried irrigation pipes leading from the pond to fourteen hydrants.
    • Kids open the hydrants to cool off without paying.
    • The plaintiff accidentally struck a water hydrant whilst manoeuvring his vehicle, causing water to flow out.
    • The firemen could not find the hydrants at first.
    • Several hydrants were dry, including one hydrant located in the heart of the area affected by the fire.
    • He said the installation of some 62 new hydrants would be completed by this week.
    • The company intends to make the water hydrants more secure in future.
    • There is a chance of residents losing water pressure and it can cause delays for us if we need the hydrants for firefighting.
    • The problem of teenagers turning on emergency hydrants during this week's sunshine to cool off in the spray has become so serious in Salford that a government-led summit has been organised to discuss how to deal with the culprits.
  • 2also fire hydrant

    boca de incendios feminine
    boca de riego feminine Spain
    toma de agua feminine
    hidrante de incendios masculine Central America, Colombia
    grifo masculine Chile