Translation of hyperconnected in Spanish:


hiperconectado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌhaɪpərkəˈnɛktəd/ /hʌɪpəkəˈnɛktɪd/


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    • They're naturally the opinionated, hyperconnected influencers marketers crave.
    • The world is now hyperconnected, and there is no such thing as "local" anymore.
    • Early-adopting, hyperconnected, always on: Call us Children of the Revolution, the first teens and tweens to grow up with the network.
    • Electronic hermits are people who live in total human isolation, but are hyperconnected via television, radio, the Net, SMS and what have you.
    • This consultancy is dedicated to helping clients negotiate the challenges presented by our 'hyperconnected' future.
    • In a hyperconnected world, their every business process needed to be exquisitely calibrated to respond instantly to whatever got thrown at them.
    • In the last five years, we went from connected to hyperconnected.
    • While we were focused on the recession, we went from a connected world to a "hyperconnected" world.
    • A pair of New York-based trend spotters expect people to start setting some boundaries between their hyperconnected careers and personal lives this year.
    • In today's hyperconnected world, more and more companies cannot and will not hire people who don't fulfill those criteria.
    • "The hyperconnected world is giving us a chance to change India faster, at a larger scale, than ever before."