Translation of hypersensitive in Spanish:


hipersensible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌhaɪpərˈsɛnsədɪv/ /hʌɪpəˈsɛnsɪtɪv/

Definition of hipersensible in Spanish


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    • The necessity of avoiding irritating substances can force hypersensitive subjects to make numerous lifestyle changes.
    • The skin is extremely painful and hypersensitive, even to air movement.
    • This is a type of hypersensitive reaction triggered by exposure to an antigen (a substance which the body recognises as alien).
    • Selecting the appropriate treatment for patients with acute bacterial meningitis who are hypersensitive to lactams is difficult.
    • Now that I know I have a hypersensitive hearing condition, I realize I didn't hate CNN or the news but the steadily climbing volume levels.
    • Other studies of chemically hypersensitive individuals have reported a variety of symptoms and reaction dynamics.
    • It is preferred for use if the patient already has established atherosclerosis or if they are hypersensitive to aspirin.
    • Unlike the hypersensitive necrotic reaction, this stem-tip necrosis can be a serious threat to soybean production.
    • If a health-care worker becomes latex hypersensitive, he or she may be qualified to receive workmen's compensation, depending upon the state in which he or she resides.
    • Emulsified diazepam contains soy bean oil and is contraindicated in patients hypersensitive to soy protein.
    • If the venom is potent (such as from certain spiders and scorpions) or if you are hypersensitive to the venom, the entire body may react.
    • She was hypersensitive to sounds while trying to concentrate.
    • Cells expressing pol are hypersensitive to DNA alkylating agents and express neoplastic phenotype in animal model.
    • It should not be used in persons with an infection at the injection site or in persons known to be hypersensitive to any ingredient in the drug.
    • Dizac is contraindicated in patients hypersensitive to soy protein or eggs.
    • The response has an acute character as an immediate hypersensitive reaction to latex exposure.
    • These areas can also be hypersensitive or painful.
    • Allopurinol is associated with hypersensitive skin reactions, especially when used in conjunction with ampicillin.
    • Disadvantages of this treatment include them making the skin hypersensitive to sunlight.
    • Some people have hypersensitive skin and are allergic to various pollen, fragrant smells and sunlight.
    • The key to training these children is in understanding that they are hypersensitive and easily hurt.
    • I didn't mean to annoy anyone, but it occurs to me that, since I don't have advertising on this site, it doesn't really matter how many hypersensitive Americans I offend.
    • First, be aware that teenagers are hypersensitive about their changing body shapes and weight - so the less you focus on this, the better.
    • But right from the start, Cooper's hypersensitive temperament and extreme high-handedness took their toll.
    • These patients are hypersensitive to perceived criticism, but have the capacity to develop appropriate relationships if they feel safe and accepted.
    • Adolescents who are depressed may be hypersensitive and overreact to minor problems or embarrassments.
    • No matter how cool and detached these people seem on the outside, they are hypersensitive, extremely emotional and tender hearted.
    • Yet he is trusting, generous and hypersensitive, reacting physically to the more complex social problems of those closest to him.
    • The child is also irritable, hypersensitive, and difficult to get along with.
    • Then there are those who are on the hypersensitive end of the spectrum.
    • Hashem, however, did not respond, ‘You are just being hypersensitive.’
    • Some say this is just his way, pointing out that he has always been unpredictable, hypersensitive about criticism.
    • For Xantippe could in fact be railing against Levy's own characterization of the hypersensitive person.
    • This rejection sensitivity inevitably becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as the individual becomes hypersensitive to any deviation of affection.