Translation of hypothesis in Spanish:


hipótesis, n.

Pronunciation /haɪˈpɑθəsəs/ /hʌɪˈpɒθɪsɪs/

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nounplural hypotheses

  • 1

    hipótesis feminine
    • The only thing you can do is say the evidence suggests that the hypothesis is true.
    • Well, everyone comes at an investigation with certain hypotheses or certain biases.
    • All you will ever have is circumstantial evidence and an un-falsifiable hypothesis.
    • Even a religion that stresses faith above all else seeks evidence to confirm its hypotheses.
    • The conceptual peg hypothesis provides a theoretical explanation of the difference.
    • I think it's important to note that what I'm proposing here is a hypothesis rather than a conclusion.
    • The scientific method involves proposing a hypothesis then trying to disprove it.
    • In the seventeenth century, a number of hypotheses had been proposed for the origin of fossils.
    • All scientists do is try to generalise hypotheses from evidence and then attempt to test them in future.
    • Embedded within the hypothesis will be concepts that will need to be translated into researchable entities.
    • The hypothesis is that the view from the castle will be so spoiled that it will put off visitors.
    • This variation is poorly understood, and several hypotheses have been proposed.
    • All of those hypotheses were proposed indirectly and may not be mutually exclusive to each other.
    • Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain the number of times segmentation arose.
    • Almost all were rhetorical or editorial, with some offering explanatory hypotheses or sociological theories.
    • Three hypotheses may be proposed to account for this unanticipated observation.
    • Different hypotheses have been proposed to explain the mechanism of attachment.
    • We use the emergence of these patterns as hypotheses that may be investigated in real fish schools.
    • There are several hypotheses or models proposed to explain how feedback limitation of photosynthesis may be regulated.
    • Several hypotheses can be proposed to explain why variance increases with longer intervals.