Traducción de I'm en Español:


Pronunciación /aɪm/ /ʌɪm/

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    • This event is for a very worthy cause and I'm sure it will turn out to be a very big success.
    • This is the result of the hard work of a lot of people and I'm glad to see it being rewarded and appreciated.
    • We don't know how much this flood cost us but I'm sure it was a substantial amount.
    • Safety should always come before cost and I'm glad the police are doing these checks.
    • He is a great striker of the ball and I'm always telling him to get himself into those positions.
    • We thought we had a chance because I'm decent in the air and Mark is really quick.
    • I realise that what I'm saying is incendiary, but that is no reason to hide the truth.
    • To be honest, I'm not the type of person who would stew on that for several months.
    • The crowd are going to be hostile towards me, and that's going to let me know that I'm there to do a job.
    • If I've had a stressful day, when I go out for a run I'm able to mull it over in my mind.
    • I've still got pain in my neck all the time, and I'm managing to walk a little with a stick.
    • We have showed we have the quality in the past and I'm sure we will get it right.
    • It's because the imprint of his mind was so profound that I'm used to his mind being there.
    • The hard thing, as I'm finding out, is getting the people in there in the first place.
    • I guess I'm lucky they came at all, as it was the second time we'd attempted to watch it.
    • So if you think I'm not determined to change our country for the better, think again.
    • Call me perverse if you like but I'm fed up with the good guys always being the main characters.
    • Does it then follow that if I play my cassette recorder out in the garden I'm a musician?
    • It's on days like this that I'm glad we chose a boiler with more than adequate heat output.
    • They are definitely more than a joke band and I'm looking forward to seeing them again.